I'm Erica, an artist and entrepreneur that owns and runs the Etsy shop BELOVED.CHEROKEE, creator of Peaches + Planks and I'm currently in the beginning stages of starting a new business.

Ever since I was a kid I knew that I loved art, so I took every art class I could and spent all of my allowance on art supplies. There was so many ways to challenge yourself to become a better artist. I can't drawl a lick but give me a paint brush and somehow it all makes sense. Throughout middle school and high school my teachers submitted my art into local festivals and competitions. From there I knew I would never stop painting so I decided to open an Etsy account and share my passion with everyone. I've sold paintings across the US and hope to one day sell world wide.

BELOVED.CHEROKEE hopes to inspire the artist in everyone.

Peaches + Planks
I first had the idea to start a blog in 2009 that consisted of pictures that inspired me. It was my pinterest before pinterest existed. I spent hours finding images to post and once I discovered pinterest, I made the switch. Six years later I'm stepping up my game by keeping you updated on all of my adventures, business expeditions, life lessons, goals and inspirations. Each page covers different areas in my life. I want to inspire people to be creative and to not give up on their dreams. You are capable of anything it just takes hard work, determination and a crazy strong spirit that's not easily discouraged.


Everything turquoise, country music, painting, interior design, magazines, reality television, Colorado, traveling, night adventures, snow, learning, cooking, summer time, movies, graphic design, reading, being outdoorsy, and my adorable dog Brinkley.

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