Monday, May 12, 2014

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Okay so I swear this is not a rant. This has nothing to do with anything that's happened to me - it's actually something I've witnessed many times throughout high school and my early 20's. It hasn't been on my mind in a while but with so many people graduating lately It's got me thinking as I write them a little note congratulating them. I realize that when I was their age I quickly counted up all of the cash that was given to me and headed to the mall. As I look back know I realize how much I have learned in that short amount of time and how much I'm thankful for all of the people that have been there for me to teach and show me things. I laugh now because I thought I had the world on a leash... when actually I was the one that was immature and powerless. For some reason I had walked onto the world stage thinking if I am strong and loud nothing can even attempt to hurt me. I've got the upper hand and if you even think about trying to hurt me or make me feel stupid I will show you who you're messing with. Yes, I was that girl.

It's absolutely crazy to think now and it genuinely makes me laugh. If the me now would have met the me then, I would have laughed until I cried. I wasn't anything that I thought I wanted to be. When I think back, I know what I was trying to do. I was wanting to project the appearance of what any woman wants to be. I wanted to be confident, kind, smart, witty, strong and mysterious. That is still the woman I aim to be everyday. Instead I was projecting just the opposite. I thought it was cool to be rude and sarcastic, basically I was a punk. At some point I realized that being that person wouldn't get me very far. So I started to slowly change and before you know it I'm the pearl earrings, hot pink lipstick wearing sexy woman that I wanted to be. Yup, I just rung my own bell and I'll ring it again! Sure you have family and maybe a few friends that truly want you to succeed and will still be standing beside you in 20 years, but the one person you know will be there... is you.

Sit down and write out the type of person you want to be. Don't even waste time on what others might think of you or even what they will say. Why should they care?! They are obviously not doing anything with their life if they are too busy thinking and judging yours. Realize that you are whatever you decide you want to be. Make goals, write out your dreams and show the world who you are and what you can achieve. 

                                                                      XO, Erica

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