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BKR BOTTLES | Obsessed

hi, you were on my wish list, and I finally caved. Not only does this BKR bottle keep popping up on some of my favorite fashion-inspo instagrams, but Jase and I just installed an alkaline water system into our home, so I am trying to make it a top priority to hydrate more while using a healthy bottle while doing so. How adorable is this water bottle? It’s bubbly glass. It lacks chemicals. It’s minimal and pretty. #hydrationmadecute #thebestpresent Scenarios to make the purchase: give your mom a surprise gift to brighten her day, bring a bottle to cheer a girlfriend up during a breakup or a stressful week, or wrap this up for the cutest hostess gift. P.S. if you can’t resist, you could treat yourself with one too. xoxo


Tuesday, July 28, 2015

How to Eat Healthy at Chipotle | CHOW

Treat yourself to Mexican today for less than 500 calories. Bring on the tacos!

Chipotle is known for their local produce, GMO-free menu, ethically-sourced protein—and crazy-delicious Mexican fare. And while their “build your own” concept can make it easy to end up with a burrito that clocks in at over 1,000-calories (or worse!), you can use it to your nutritional advantage. Try one of these SELF-approved custom creations that’ll satisfy you for under 500 calories. 

Three Steak Soft Tacos With Corn tortillas, Fajita Vegetables, and Fresh Tomato Salsa
You can have three (!!!) because the corn tortillas are smaller than the burrito-sized wraps available at Chipotle. Bonus? They have more fiber. Plus, adding fajita veggies and fresh salsa ensures that you get as much produce as you would from a salad.
440 calories, 7g fat, 730mg sodium, 56g carbs, 8g fiber, 35g protein

Burrito Bowl With Sofritas, Black Beans, Fajita Vegetables, Roasted Chili-Corn Salsa, and a Half-Order of Guacamole
Sofritas—braised, spiced tofu—makes this vegetarian option satisfying, even for carnivores. Skip the rice; beans provide all the high-fiber carbs you need. Save the other half of your guac to have as an afternoon snack with some baby carrots.
480 calories, 24g fat, 1473mg sodium, 55g carbs, 22.5g fiber, 20g protein

Salad With Chicken, Romaine Lettuce, Pinto Beans, and Cheese
You get protein, carbs, veggies, and tons of Mexican flavor –and because you’re not having a tortilla or rice, you’ve got enough calories left in your budget for queso. And who doesn’t love themselves some queso, right?!
405 calories, 15.5g fat, 800mg sodium, 24g carbs, 11.5g fiber, 45g protein

Oh, and if you’re looking for something different, check out Chipotle’s nutrition calculator to experiment with a combination all your own.

Sunday, July 26, 2015

7 Money Mistakes to Avoid Making in Your Twenties | LADY BOSS

Let’s be honest. Being an adult isn’t always fun. In fact, sometimes it’s just downright hard. Not only are you tasked with forging a successful career and handling real-life responsibilities, but you also need to get the hang of the ins and outs of managing your own finances. Successfully managing your own money can be a little overwhelming, especially if you aren’t armed with the right knowledge and training. Sure, you probably had an allowance as a kid. But, deciding between purchasing that S Club 7 CD or those pink glitter jelly shoes isn’t quite the same as understanding interest rates and planning for retirement.  

So, you may just be thrown into the world of overseeing your own finances, all while feeling like you don’t quite know what you’re doing. Money management is a learning process, and you’re bound to hit a few bumps in the road. But, there are a few things you should definitely avoid doing in your young adulthood, in order to set yourself up for a successful financial future. Here are seven money mistakes to avoid making in your twenties, at all costs (pun intended).
1. Disregarding the Future
I’m totally in favor of the “live for today” mentality that encourages adventure and spontaneity. But, do you ever think about what comes after today? Tomorrow. Planning your financial future sounds like something only old people need to worry about. However, you absolutely need to think about your long-term goals and financial strategy in order to successfully manage your funds for the long haul. Do you want to purchase a home soon? Do you ever want to retire? What are you going to do if you unexpectedly lose your job?
Sit down and determine your future plans. If you’re aiming to purchase a home soon, start setting aside money to make that happen. If you worry about job security, start contributing to an emergency fund that can cover a few months of your expenses if you find yourself in unfortunate circumstances. It’s never too early to start thinking about retirement, so begin contributing to a 401(k) or an IRA. Whatever your future goals are, you need to make sure that your finances can support them. So, be proactive and start planning now. 
2. Not Setting a Budget
Setting a budget goes hand-in-hand with determining your future financial plan. It can be all too easy to lose sight of your income versus your expenses on a monthly basis. So, it’s crucial that you take a hard look at your monthly income and your average expenditures in order to establish a personal budget.
Think of your budget as the roadmap of your monthly finances. It will keep your spending under control — particularly if you’re somebody who tends to blackout shop in Target — as well as ensure that you’re being smart with the rest of your money. Many people equate the word “budget” with “restrictions”. However, that doesn’t necessarily need to ring true. Be realistic when setting your budget. If you enjoy going out to eat several times a week and are able to financially support that habit, then work that into your budget to ensure that your plan will work for you and is something that you can stick to.  
Setting a budget doesn’t mean cutting out all of your fun and frivolous expenses. It’s just a way to keep you on track.
3. Relying on Credit Cards
I’m sure you’ve heard many warnings about the dangers of credit card debt and that I don’t need to drone on and on about it. However, treating credit cards like a personal loan program can be detrimental to your financial well being, so I couldn’t just leave it off the list. Do whatever you can to prevent racking up a large balance on credit cards. The interest rates are astronomical, and you’ll quickly find yourself in a hole that’s nearly impossible to climb out of. 
Many people say that it’s important to establish a good credit score when you’re young, and I won’t refute that statement. Good credit is important, but you can establish it without spending beyond your means. Plus, how do you think your credit score will look when you’re $30,000 in credit card debt?
4. Refusing to Demand What You’re Worth
Whether you run your own business or have been on your fair share of job interviews, we all know how awkward it can be to discuss payment with a potential employer or client. Sometimes, it’s just easier to accept what they offer and call it a day. But, you simply can’t be afraid to demand what you deserve! 
People typically don’t fork over extra cash without being prompted, and negotiating will always be a little awkward. However, a moment or two of uncomfortable conversation is well worth the increased dollars in your pocket. So, suck it up and demand what you need! 
5. Using Money to Show Off
When we spend a good chunk of our lives on social media, comparison becomes way too easy. It can be tempting to fall into the “keeping up with the Joneses” trap and start purchasing expensive things just for the sake of showing everybody that you have them. Your value and self-worth aren’t directly correlated with your finances; so don’t feel pressured to use money as a tangible indicator of how fantastic your life is. You don’t needto buy that round of drinks for everyone or have the latest iPhone. You’re fantastic regardless.
6. Spending Recklessly
Getting your first job and your first paycheck is exciting! You’re allowed to feel pumped about it, and even treat yourself to something special. But, there’s a big difference between celebrating and going on a reckless spending spree. Trust me, irresponsible spending is a bad habit to get into.
Establish a savings account and get yourself into the routine of putting away a certain percentage of your paycheck early on. Many employers offer a split direct deposit system, where a certain amount is deposited to your checking account and the rest immediately goes to savings. This is an easy way to build up decent nest egg, without ever being tempted to spend the money! Out of sight, out of mind — it’s an effective strategy.  
7. Thinking That Money is Everything
I have news for you: money isn’t synonymous with happiness. Some of the wealthiest people in the world are actually pretty miserable. So, don’t confuse “success” with “money”. Success involves so much more than just your finances. Does your job fulfill you personally and professionally? Do you have fantastic friends and family members that make you feel loved and appreciated? Do you make time for hobbies and interests that you enjoy? If you answered yes to those questions, then you’re already pretty darn successful.
Yes, responsible money management is important. But, money isn’t the be-all and end-all of a wonderful, happy life. You need to stay on top of your finances. But, you can’t forget to go out and enjoy the fruits of your labor every once in a while!

Friday, July 24, 2015

My Summer Reading List | Re-Post

Lauren Conrad's 2015 Summer Reading List  {10 amazing titles}

Whenever it comes time to put together my seasonal summer reading lists, I always turn to a few different sources to find good books to share with you. I ask my family and friends, and I constantly keep a running list of good book titles on my phone so that I remember them. I also look back through the comments of previous reading lists because all of you have such great suggestions too! Anyway, today I have 10 great reads to share with you. Every book on this list is great for reading on the beach, while flying somewhere for a summer vacation, or just reading on a lazy summer Sunday afternoon. I hope you like them…

P.S. I Still Love You by Jenny Han

1. P.S. I Still Love You by Jenny HanI became pretty Jenny Han-obsessed ever since I read her book To All The Boys I’ve Loved Beforefor my last book club. So we’re reading this one for our current book club that I just announced this week! In this sweet and engaging sequel, Lara Jean comes back and still has feelings for Peter. But when another boy from her past shows up, she wonders whether she can be in love with two boys at the same time. Sounds like a must-read to me!
Modern Romance by Aziz Ansari

2. Modern Romance by Aziz AnsariIf you’re an Aziz fan, this one will have you laughing the whole way through. Amazon describes it as “A hilarious, thoughtful, and in-depth exploration of the pleasures and perils of modern romance from one of this generation’s sharpest comedic voices.” Sounds like a winner to me.
In The Unlikely Event by Judy Blume

3. In The Unlikely Event by Judy BlumeJudy Blume was a favorite childhood writer of mine, so you can imagine how excited I was to hear that she was writing a new book this summer… And one that’s for adults! It takes place during the 1950s, when several plane crashes shatter the working class citizens in Elizabeth, New Jersey. The story follows 15-year-old Miri and her family as their lives change profoundly by this unexpected event.
Torch by Cheryl Strayed

4. Torch by Cheryl StrayedTeam LC and I love Cheryl Strayed’s writing and podcasts, and Torch is a book worth adding to your list (along with Wild and Tiny Beautiful Things, if you haven’t already read those two). The story mirrors challenges Strayed has faced in her own life—after a mother and her two children flee their abusive husband and father, life begins to fall apart when they get news that their mother is diagnosed with cancer. This one is definitely emotional, but touches on important elements like dealing with grief, finding forgiveness and learning how to keep living.
Orange Is The New Black by Piper Kerman

5. Orange Is the New Black: My Year in a Women’s Prison by Piper KermanIf any of you are OITNB fans, you know that season 3 just came out on Netflix. This book isn’t a new title, but it’s a good one to read if you never have before. Follow the author’s autobiographical journey as she transitions from a life involving a boyfriend and a loving family to navigating the harsh world of prison.
The Interestings by Meg Wolitzer

6. The Interestings by Meg WolitzerA group of artsy teenagers meets at summer camp in 1974 and remain friends through the trials and tribulations of growing up. This compelling coming of age story about five privileged kids serves as an interesting look back at what’s happened in the last 40 years in America.
Rain of Gold by Victor Villaseńor

7. Rain of Gold by Víctor E. VillaseñorThis book was recommended to me by my mom’s friend, and I had never heard of it until then. But, anytime someone claims a book is “their favorite,” I’m instantly curious. Apparently, the author’s story follows three generations of his own family as they migrate from revolutionary Mexico in the 20th century to California.
Peony in Love by Lisa See

8. Peony in Love by Lisa SeeI know you’re not supposed to judge book by their covers, but if I had to judge this one by its title, I already love it! This historical period drama set in seventeenth-century China takes on the theme of star-crossed lovers as the main character Peony falls in love with a handsome man who is not the arranged husband her parents have intended for her.
Kabul Beauty School: An American Woman Goes Behind The Veil by Deborah Rodriguez

9. Kabul Beauty School: An American Woman Goes Behind the Veil by Deborah RodriguezThis story is about determination, challenge, love and heartache. When Rodriguez traveled to Afghanistan in 2002, she befriended many of the Afghan women and developed a deep bond with them. With the help of these women, she created a beauty school in Kabul, and changed the lives of these women for the better forever.
Home Safe by Elizabeth Berg

10. Home Safe by Elizabeth BergAmazon describes this novel by bestselling author Berg as follows: “Helen Ames is beginning to depend too much on her twenty-seven-year-old daughter, Tessa, meddling in her life and offering unsolicited advice. Then Helen is shocked to discover that her seemingly loyal husband was apparently leading a double life. When a phone call from a stranger sets Helen on a surprising path of discovery, both mother and daughter reassess what they thought they knew about each other, themselves, and what really makes a home and a family.”
What books do you have on your own reading list this summer?
Share your titles below—I absolutely love finding new books from your suggestions!

Wednesday, July 22, 2015


Watermelon and LJ Beachcomber
If you’ve been having cooler weather lately like us, then you know how annoying it is to try to dig out your cold weather clothes that you already packed away for the summer. And even if the days stay warm, summer nights can be a little chilly, especially if you’re lucky enough to be spending them at the beach or on the lake! The Lauren James Beachcomber is our perfect solution to this problem! We like to wear our Beachcombers year round because they’re so comfortable, colorful, and the seersucker back makes them a classic! Beachcombers are perfect for throwing on during chilly mornings and evenings, or even using as a cover-up at the beach or pool! And how cute is this easy summer snack? Sliced watermelon on a popsicle stick will save you from having sticky fingers all day! 

LJ beachcomber & watermelon 2
Beachcomber Watermelon & White Wall

Monday, July 20, 2015

5 Summer Vacations That Feed Your Soul | Travel

What did you get out of your last vacation? While rest and relaxation are key components to unwinding, a vacation can be more than just a break from the rat race. Here are five vacations that give you fresh perspective and expand your horizons. You’ll be able to do some deep soul-searching and see the world at the same time.

Go Back to Your Roots

Learn about your family culture with a trek back to your ancestral roots. Consider Genealogy tours and do-it-yourself travel to explore your family’s hometown heritage—wonderful ways to discover something new while getting a glimpse of your past. Returning home after the trip with a greater sense of your family history is a souvenir that lasts a lifetime.

Head to the Farm

Get away form the hustle and bustle of the city with a farm stay.  

Connect with nature and see the ins and outs of farm and food production; it may be just the vacation you need to kick start creativity and bring home inspired, healthier eating habits.

Take a Silent Sojourn

Push your comfort zone with a silent retreat vacation. Disconnecting completely from the outer world and connecting to your inner world through silence and meditation can do wonders for your health. Once reserved for monks or the religious sect, these vows of silence are the latest trend in vacations to nurture the whole self. Silent retreats abound, so pick one and savor quiet—and inner peace.

Be Adventurous and Awestruck

From challenging yourself physically (Kilimanjaro hiking tour anyone?) to a Safari camping trip, these adventures make lounging on your beach towel a thing of the past. Whether you need to get out of a rut, celebrate a milestone birthday, or perhaps reflect after a life-changing event, adventure vacations can jumpstart your spirit.

Volunteer Vacations

Helping others can help your health. Volunteer vacations can send you on a world tour of foreign lands while working to improve the lives of communities that need your help. Whether you give to people or Mother Nature, a volunteer vacation can send your soul on a journey of the heart.

Get packing! Plan your next vacation and nurture your soul at the same time.

Saturday, July 18, 2015


When we think of our ideal eyebrow guise (and our mind goes there more often than we’d like to admit), the perfect brow falls into one of two camps; effortless and unkempt or groomed and strategically shaped. It’s true, it’s a fine line between over-plucked and overgrown, but that middle ground is where the face-framing magic happens. Below, we’ve identified top tier beauties that get it right.

It’s no doubt that thick brows are everywhere. When done right, outgrown brows accentuate facial features and give you a cool, youthful look. To accomplish, lay off the tweezers and embrace gels and waxes that'll help keep stray hairs in place.

Emilia Clarke

The Game of Thrones stunner has some serious brow game, on and off screen.

Jessica Alba

Alba is practically the face of natural beauty, and her eyebrows are certainly no exception.
Photo: @jessicalba

Mary Kate and Ashley Olsen

These designer twins are always in sync, even when it comes to their unkempt brows.
Photo: @elizandjames

Lily Collins

Collins might be a haircut rebel but but when it comes to brows she's a natural beauty.
Photo: @lilyjcollins

Cara Delevingne

The British model and It-girl might just hold the title for “Most Googled Eyebrows” ever.
While still defined enough not to veer into too-thin territory, these leading ladies have brows trimmed to perfection, and undoubtedly a standing calendar appointment with their brow artists. While this picture-perfect look requires a bit more dedication and meticulous maintenance, the head-turning results far surpass the commitment.

Bella Hadid

The model-of-the-moment makes a case for understated brows.
Photo: @bellahadid


Is there anything Beyonce can’t do right? Add boldly sculpted brows to her repertoire.
Photo: @Beyonce

Martha Hunt

Who needs big brows when you've got gorgeous blue eyes like Hunt?
Photo: @marhunt

Rita Ora

The songstress's perfectly groomed brows are a cool complement to her white-blonde hair.
Photo: @ritaora

Natasha Poly

Manicured brows give Poly a sly, almost feline beauty look (no cat-eye makeup required).
Photo: @natashapoly