Wednesday, January 29, 2014

Quickie | Lifestyle

Okay, so I know I totally suck for not posting in forever. I am so unbelievably swamped at work that I come home, shower and go to sleep. We are opening a second location in 2 days and we should probably have at least another week before we open but we are going to make it happen. Even if I have to nap for a few hours then keep doing stuff and making it ready. Not to mention the other 12,000 things I have going on this weekend. Trust me you don't want me to start on any of that. Just know that I love you guys and hope you are all having a great week! I will be back to normal on Monday...well, maybe. 

                                                                                     xo, Erica 

Wednesday, January 22, 2014

Push Yourself | Lifestyle

Happy Wednesday everyone! I hope you are all having a great week so far! Lately I've really been thinking about a bunch of things, mostly work related, but some are about the future and I really wanted to share some things with you. So here ya go...

I have never really known what I wanted to be or do as a living. I thought long and hard about it and nothing truly and completely makes me happy. I like bits and pieces of all kinds of stuff but there isn't a single thing that I can say I want to do for the rest of my life. So within the last 30 minutes I started thinking outside of the box and have come to the conclusion that what It is I'm meant to do hasn't been done or created yet. Therefore I can't say that's what I want to do.

My entire life I spend time of both sides of the brain. The left side being more structured is the part of me that loves planning and organization. Then the right side brings creativity though painting and interior design. Both sides make me happy and both I would not be able to live without. Sometimes I think I'm more of a traveling free spirit and others I'm a city girl with rules out the wazoo. All of witch could be attributed to the fact that I'm a Gemini (twins) to which all of this sounds completely normal.

Not knowing makes it a little more exciting. Not knowing gives me so much room to create something great. I can't wait to share the journey with you! I'm already thinking about what I can do tomorrow to make it count.

Just a little while ago I came across this video and it spoke to me, so I wanted to share it with all of you.

Share it and inspire others to find greatness in themselves! 

                                                          xo, Erica

Sunday, January 19, 2014

Progress | Fit & Healthy

Happy Sunday everyone! I hope everyone is having a great weekend - I've had so much going on. Friday night I got to see Jana Kramer live!! I love her music and when I found out she was coming though Oklahoma I had to buy tickets! Then yesterday I got to meet up with one of my old roommates. She is super preggo! She invited me over to catch up and to help decorate the nursery. #BABYLOVE It's the first nursery I've helped with - so I'm really excited about it. Currently I'm watching the Seahawks & 49ers game. I'm a huge Bronco's fan and just got home before this game started. I really love the Seahawks too so I'm really hoping they pull this one out.

I wanted to do a quick post today about my progress on my weight loss and healthy habits. Since the first of November (it's been a total of 77 days) I've lost 9lbs and 9.5 inches overall! Typically I workout 4-5 times per week but I skipped 2 weeks while I was in Seattle and this week I only did 2 days because I started having pain in my low back after a couple days of planks. I took the rest of the week of to rest and stretch it. My eating habits were still pretty good over Christmas and now that I'm back I've been able to get back to it. Are you ready for the secret on my success? Here it is.... PLANNING. Yes, that's right - I owe my progress to planning.

Every morning I wake up just 10 minutes earlier to get my food together for the day. Bringing my meals and snacks to work really help! Below are some of my favorite options for snacks and meals.

Quaker Weight Control Pre-Packaged Oatmeal
Greek Yogurt
Fresh Fruit & Veggies
2 Eggs w/ Chopped Bell Peppers
BioTrust Protein Shakes
Raw Almonds & Roasted Pistachio's
Think Thin Bars
Rice Cakes
Baked Chicken
Baked Potatoes w/ Lots of Veggies
Homemade Chicken Tortilla Soup
Naked Juice
Grilled or Baked Veggies
Chicken Chili

I'm not saying that you have to eat these options to get these results. This is what has been working for me and I'm going to continue with. Sometime's I don't want oatmeal or greek yogurt so I'll warm up some soup. Eat what you want but make sure you aren't over eating. It's best to eat meals that have low sugar and high protein to help keep you full longer. Plus eating 4-5 small meals per day or 3 meals per day with snacking in-between can really help boost your metabolism. It never made sense to me to eat more and then I would lose weight but it's true-as long as you're eating the right kind of food. Eating fast food every 2 hours won't do the trick :) CHOOSE FOOD YOU LIKE! I found out that when I wait longer then 3 hours between snack and meals my body goes into starvation mode and starts storing fat! I now have reminders that pop up while I'm at work to remind me to grab something to eat. It's amazing what a little determination, hard work and PLANNING can do. Challenge yourself. Do it for 6 weeks and I can guarantee you will see a difference!

                                                               xo, Erica

Wednesday, January 15, 2014

Pretty Little Lies | Lifestyle

So one of my favorite shows is Pretty Little Liars on ABC Family. I loved reading the books in high school so naturally I wanted to watch the show. It's kept me hooked over the seasons and I can't wait to see the spring premiere next week. Rolling Stone magazine did a behind the scene's look while they filmed the finale so I had to check it out! I saw a glimpse of the pics on Ashley Benson's Instagram and couldn't wait to check it out. Here are some of my favorite shots from the magazine.

From the edgy leather and lace to the girly prints and curls I adore the styling and set of this show.

Do you guys watch the show?! Have any ideas about who "A" is or what will be happening this season? I love hearing from you :)
Have a great Wednesday!
                                                                xo, Erica

Monday, January 13, 2014

6 Week P+P Challenge Update | Fit & Healthy

Hello everyone & happy Monday! I wanted to give you all a little update on my progress so far. For those of you that don't know what my 6 week challenge was here is a catch up -> 6 Week P+P Challenge. Once the 6 weeks were over I wanted to continue on exercising 4-5 times per week and still continue eating 5-6 healthy meals per day. I can honestly tell you that It's hard. Eating that many times per day without a game plan is crazy. Most days I wake up early and start thinking about what I want to eat that day. Since the first of  November I've lost nearly 20lbs & about 10 inches!! YAY!
The two most important things I've learned during this challenge was to pay attention to what I was eating and to put in that extra effort - especially when you don't feel like it. It all gets easier once you make a decision to be fully committed. The thought of having some of the old food I used to eat makes my stomach queasy. When I first started my challenge I wanted to do some research about the food that I had been eating. I also watched some documentaries on Netflix like Food Inc. That completely changed my mind about fast food and fillers in food you buy at the store. I guess you could call me a label whore - and not that kind of label. When I'm at the store getting groceries or snacks I always look at the label. I want to know what's in the food I'm eating. You would be surprised at not only what's in the product but that they actually print that it's in there. Become aware!

Same goes for working out. Our bodies were created to adapt, why would it not apply to workouts. When you do the same thing over and over you stop seeing results. That same gym routine isn't only boring but you have stopped getting results. Change it up - do some classes, go on some walks or a hike. Have fun with it! Some of my favorite workout video's are from TONE IT UP. Check out their fun and challenging workouts that you can do anywhere. Your results are up to you, don't feel discouraged. Reach out to friends and family, I bet there is someone that will want to join in with you. Do your research and find what types of workouts you like. Learn to prep your meals & always pack healthy snacks like almonds in your bag. Reach out to me if you have any questions!

                                                                                                                             xo, Erica

Sunday, January 5, 2014


Happy Sunday! How is everyone?! I hope you are all staying warm, it's pretty cold down here. I think it's right around 15 degrees with the wind chill being 2 degrees. That north wind is keeping everything nice and frosty. As most of you know I just returned home from my Christmas vacation to Seattle. I think I just fully recovered from all of the flight changes, delays and jet lag. While I was there I had so much fun trying out all of the new clothes I got just before Christmas. So naturally as I got back I wanted to veg in leggings and big t-shirts. Which is exactly what I've done. Before Christmas I found this divine black leather motor cycle jacket (see in the pics from my previous post). I called my grandmother to come look at it, she did and bought it for my for Christmas to keep safe at here house until my trip. While I was gone I got to wear it a couple times with some new black leather boots. My cousin had to pretty much rip it off of me. I'm head over heels for black leather now.


Since returning home I've done my fair share of online shopping to search for the best after Christmas sales. I haven't really found anything that I have to have, but it reminded me of the Nylon Magazine cover that Hayden Panettiere did last May. Yes, I know it was over a year ago but it's delicious! I scavenged YouTube for a behind the scene's look and I found it! I absolutely love her style. Her everyday tom boy chic mixed with the hard and girly is just perfect. Throughout the shoot you see her in some great leather pieces that I will be looking for this next spring. Leather is always in.
Other than her killer style and we talk about how gorgeous she is?! I mean, I really can't recall seeing someone pull off a smokey eye like that. Not to mention the blonde hair - total hair envy here! I love this shade of blond and rarely do you find anyone that can pull it off. You could definitely say she is one of my girl crushes. Now to start talking some of my besties into getting some leather of their own, so we can share!! So do any of you have favorite looks that you're into right now?! Sound off below :)
                                                     xo, Erica

Wednesday, January 1, 2014

Seattle Washington Vol.2 | Travel

Happy New Year! Can you believe it's 2014?! I already know that I'm going to be writing the date as 2013 for at least the next few weeks. Does anyone else do this? I am pleased to announce that I have returned home and just in the nick of time. We are expecting 3 inches of snow tonight! (FREAKING OUT) As an avid snow lover I can' wait to see the beautiful powder in the morning. As promised I have a ton of pictures to post and a bunch of things to get through so bare with me.
First off some of you might know that I'm a huge Grey's Anatomy fan. I discovered the show on Netflix last March and finished all 10 seasons by December. I know.... Don't judge me :) While in Seattle I tracked down the address of the house that many cast members have lived in. Not really but the house exterior shot over the city. I dragged my uncle and cousin to the house which was just about 10 blocks from the space needle it's self and took some pics. I was a little overwhelmed.
Over the last week we spent every minute of everyday exploring the city and it's many delicious places to eat. From stuffed mushrooms, Italian soups, grilled chicken, fresh mango and pineapple to steak, macaroons, Greek yogurt and my uncles famous spaghetti and meatballs. Most days I ate pretty healthy but others, I had to give in.
Most days I was exhausted from walking the many hills of downtown. From shopping the day after Christmas to walking the piers and waterfront. We even visited Snoqualmie Falls. I got plenty of exercise and my shoes weren't always practical. I mean come on - vacation calls for cute outfits. Sensible would not have fit into my suitcase. I could hardly zip as it was!
One of the best things was did was attend Beethoven's Ninth at the Seattle Symphony. It was my first time at the symphony and I was mesmerized. I have always enjoyed classical music so all through out I was watching and listening carefully. It was so beautiful, It really made me appreciate music even more - if it's possible.
The last day I had the misfortune (cough, cough) of missing my connection in Denver so I got to stay a night there with family. I actually wished for it to happen - luck was on my side. Just being home for one day made me happy. I will forever love those Rocky Mountains.


                                                                         xo, Erica