I hope to inspire you to live a healthy happy active life. It's not for everyone and I'm not here to tell you what you should look like and what you should eat. This is my story about becoming healthy.

The Books & Nutrition Plans I Bought:


++ How to Recover from a Few Days of Eating like Shit:
+ Sweat it out: that’s right. Don’t make excuses- it’s more effective to force yourself out of bed & sweat it all out, as opposed to lounging around. Instant recovery.
+ Example of a recovery meal plan:
- Breakfast: steel cut oatmeal + blueberries + cinnamon + Truvia + rice/almond milk.
- Snack: watermelon or grapefruit slices [ these are both 92 & 91 % water ].
- Lunch: an open-faced sandwich [ that means one slice ; ))) & I prefer 7 carb Oasis bread ] with spicy mustard, sliced tomatoes, chili flakes, lettuce, & organic turkey [ toasted ].
- Snack: one apple, sliced with two scoops of a nut butter.
- Dinner: load me up with veggies! Tonight will be an arugula salad with watermelon chunks, avocado, beets, broccoli, celery, orange bell pepper & cucumber slices with a sliced egg on top [ dressing a bit of red wine vinegar, EVOO, fresh lemon, garlic, & Italian seasoning ].
Dessert: fresh berries with squeezed lemon on top or a small piece of dark chocolate.
+ Water [ + some coffee & tea ]: drink as much water as possible. Coffee [ with a splash of soy + cinnamon + nutmeg ] gives me a nice jolt. More than one cup & I turn into a full-blown maniac- lol. Green tea is full of antioxidants AND speeds the metabolism!
+ Cut alcohol for a few day: buh-bye wine! Detox a bit. It’s fabulous for your skin, hair, & liver. Give yourself a break.
 Sooooo…stop the self-criticism BS & do something productive about it!

My Protein Powder & Green Powder:

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