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Study Abroad | Lifestyle

HI BABES! Hoping today finds you well :) I've really been thinking about the next year of my life and the things I want to do. My GEMINI really comes out when I start thinking about what I want. I get so thrown off by two completely different sides that I have no clue what I want. I'm sure you other GEMS understand, everyone else - sorry, you're out of luck. ANYWHOO back to what this real post is about. I have always wanted to study abroad. The people I know that have done it tell me stories that sound so freaking incredible. I have never been able to get it out of my head but the more and more that I think about it I realize how much my soul would just die if I did it. So I started browsing to get some ideas and overall info about it so I can at least have an idea of what to tell my family. I came across this post from one of my favorite blogs and it was exactly what I needed to hear... well read. I wanted to share it with all of you in case there is even one of you that's thinking about it! READ UP DOLLS >>

Here’s Taylor at the top of the Duomo in nearby Florence.

Tell us about your experience. I traveled to Rome, Italy for 3 months. I studied abroad and it was the best 3 months of my life. I studied at the American University of Rome, and although it was an American university, there were definitely some cultural differences and challenges.
What made you decide to go? I had previously been to Rome during my junior year of high school and fell in love with the city. I dreamed of going back, and told myself that if the opportunity ever presented itself, I would take it. So there I was, 3 years later, booking a flight that would change my life.  
Did you encounter any resistance to your idea of going abroad alone? How did you respond to this? My parents were nervous wrecks. My dad was in denial that I was even going until I was going through the security line at the airport. I was a little nervous to travel by myself. However, since I had previously been to the city, that helped ease my nerves a little bit. The most nerve-racking part of the whole experience leading up to my trip was that I didn’t know anyone going. I’m an outgoing person, but I’m also a very blunt and honest person. So I didn’t know how well I was going to get along with people, but I ended up meeting 3 of my best friends on this trip.
What was the most rewarding part about your solo travel experience? Realizing that I CAN do challenging things on my own. For example, navigating through the public transportation on my own. The signs were in a language I barely knew, so that was quite the challenge. But arriving on time to all of my onsite classes, navigating the city by myself, is one of the best feelings in the world. I didn’t feel like a tourist, I felt like I belonged there.
What was the most challenging part? The loneliness. Don’t get me wrong, I met amazing people abroad, and we still keep in touch today. But for the first couple of weeks, while we were all adjusting and still getting to know each other, homesickness was a common theme throughout the entire group.
Did the experience of going abroad by yourself meet your expectations? Did it surprise you? In what way? My experience exceeded any expectations I had. I knew it would be a trip of a lifetime, but I didn’t expect it to change my life. I thought that I would be lonely, but after a few weeks, I hardly thought of home. Of course, I missed my family, friends, and pups; but the friends that I made abroad had become my family while I was there. In fact, we’re having a Rome reunion in a few weeks and I could not be more excited to see them!
Anything you wish you’d have done differently before the trip to prepare? I wish I’d spent more time with the locals. Other than interacting with them at shops or restaurants, I mainly stuck with my American friends. It was mostly because of the language barrier, so I wish I would have taken some Italian classes before I went. I took language classes while there, but they only teach you common phrases for restaurants and shops. It would have been nice to be able to hold an actual conversation rather than just asking the price of an item.
Anything you wish you’d done differently during the trip, to get the most out of the experience or prevent headaches? I wish I’d traveled more. During my 3 months there, I went to Florence (where the above photo was taken), Capri, Sorrento (all in Italy), Vienna (Austria), and Prague (Czech Republic). However, I still had that desire to see more. So I guess the only thing I wish I’d done differently was change the date I went home and extended my trip.
How did people you met along the way react to learning that you were on the trip by yourself? They were extremely surprised. One of my roommates traveled with her mom for 10 days prior to our arrival date, so she was devastated when her mom left. Two of my other friends (both male) were actually college roommates and were pretty shocked that a GIRL had the guts to travel thousands of miles by herself. I kind of loved the reaction though. It gave me some encouragement.
Did you experience loneliness? How did you cope with it? I think everyone experiences loneliness at first, but it’s how you deal with it that makes the difference. Instead of relishing in my loneliness, I decided to do something about it. My coping mechanism was to talk to my parents via Facebook messages or FaceTime on my iPhone at least every couple of days, but fill my time with people who were around me at the time. Whether it be my roommates or our American neighbors who were also study abroad students.
Do you think you’re a different person now? In what way did this experience change you? I definitely think I am a changed person after traveling abroad. Things that seemed like challenges don’t quite seem that difficult anymore. Now that I know I can conquer things on my own, it’s made me a stronger person and less dependent on others.
Did you feel truly unsafe at any point? Do you think a man would have felt unsafe in the same situation, or was it gender-based? How did you manage your own personal safety during your trip? There was one experience in particular that I would never want to relive. While traveling through Vienna one afternoon, I was punched in the face by a man. He either had to be drunk or mentally unstable because he did not seem “all there,” if you know what I’m saying. At this point, I wasn’t even by myself. I spent a week traveling with one of my friends that I had met at school, and she was 2 steps in front of me while the whole incident happened. At first, I was pretty shocked and scared. However after I filed the police report and went to the hospital, which is another experience on its own, I calmed down and realized that it could have happened to anyone. My parents really, REALLY wanted me to come home, but I decided to stay and even rocked out at the Paul McCartney concert later that same night.
Any advice you’d like to share with other women who are considering a solo trip? Don’t let the fear of loneliness keep you from going experiencing the gratification of travel. Plan smart and make friends. Simple.

Read more about traveling abroad from Megan here: THE INDEPENDENT LADIES GUIDE TO SOLO TRAVEL. Until next time loves!
                                                      xo, Erica

Thursday, March 27, 2014

Adult Lady | Lifestyle

So browsing through my twitter feed last night I stumbled upon many tweets from COSMOPOLITAN US. If you follow them you probably already know they tweet out the WAZOO! I always catch myself clicking the link to their website to read the story that caught my eye and tonight I loved what I read so much that I decided to share it with all of you. :) You know, helping a sister out. So below is 17 things every woman should know before her late 20's >>

You've got this adult lady thing down PAT.

1. How to pack. You no longer bring 15 suitcases when you go on an overnight, because you've streamlined your process. You know that you don't need 15 bikinis and 12 pairs of heels when you're spending the weekend with grandma in Tucson. You know what travels well, and you take just what you need. 
2. Stick with a career path, even if it's hard at the beginning. This might not be THE one and only career you'll ever have, but it's the one and only one you are fully committed to right now. You can always go to med school in your 40s if this doesn't work out, but you're not giving up and getting at part time job at Starbucks if things get tough at work. In fact, you like tough.
3. Quit a job if you hate it. But you know the difference between tough and "my boss is a fucking psycho and this is not where I need to be." You have know how to listen to your gut, check in with your head, and make the right decision. Besides, you're such a brilliant badass, you know you'll find your calling. 
4. Dress according to what YOU think looks good, not what other people think looks good. When you're younger, there's basically one kind of way to be attractive but when you get older, lots of different people are attractive and you've figured out your very own look, and it makes the world a beautiful, diverse place. You have a look, and a routine, and it feels GOOD to not be covered in glitter everyday. (Uh, you still wear glitter, just only on the weekends. And sometimes during the week.)
5. How to throw a dinner party. No more pizza in front of the TV EVERY time your friends come over. You have a real apartment and you now throw legit dinner parties. That means shopping, prepping, cooking, entertaining, the whole nine yards. Cleaning up, too. I know. Being an adult has a price. You are a grown ass woman and though you might not have cloth napkins because you're not 100, you can throw down a mean spread. (Veggie and gluten-free options included, because you're the most thoughtful of hosts.)
6. How to fearlessly ask for what you want. Whether it's for a salary bump or the birthday present you've been dreaming of, you aren't afraid to put your needs first. You might not always get what you want — ice cream socials every Friday! A pet pig named Harold! A reasonable pay increase! — but you aren't afraid to use your voice to try. 
7. Save money. Maybe you don't have a financial planner (yet), but you know the different typed of IRAs and you contribute the max to your 401K. Hey, you even have a little money left over each month, and can lend some to your little sister to buy new heels or a play station or whatever. (Plus, you're smart enough to know you're never getting that money back.) 
8. How to say no. You know what you want and need and perhaps most importantly, you know your own limitations. You don't need an elaborate excuse to get out of something, you can just say no. You no longer do things out of guilt or obligation, you do things because you WANT to. (Unless it's your mom. Sorry; she pushed you out of her vagina, so you'll do what she says. Most of the time.) Also, you know when to say when. And not only about booze, but also when it comes to friendships, relationships, French fries, etc. 
9. How to get what you want in bed. You've tried pretty much everything, and you know what you like. You know you like having your boyfriend dress up like Austin Powers and tickle you from behind with a feather duster, and you own it. Kudos. (Also, you're not afraid to backseat drive a dude to your lady pearl, because you ain't got time for him to fumble around down there for an hour.)
10. That the body you have... is the body you have Love it, treat it well, and dress it in clothes that make it look and feel amazing. 
11. Whether or not you want kids. If you're single, this is something you're gonna want to discuss with the new dude you're dating fairly quickly. If you're in a relationship, well. You already know this. (For example, I don't want kids, but I'll totally babysit yours.)
12. How to get home when you're drunk. You know when you're gonna drink and you know if you're gonna drink too much. You have a plan that doesn't involve falling asleep in a puddle of your own Boone's Strawberry Hill- and Cheetos-flavored vomit. 
13. That you're a different person now than you were at 19. And that's a good thing. Don't you hate it when someone is like, "oh you think THAT now? I remember 10 years ago you said this!" It's like, yeah. Maybe you wanted to marry Sugar Ray in 2004, but that doesn't mean you want to marry Sugar Ray in 2014. People change, and that's a good thing. (Unless you're still into Sugar Ray! Listen, you just want to fly, and there's nothing wrong with that.)
14. No matter how close you get with a guy, never neglect your closest most solid friends. Your core group is solid as a rock, and you know these people would walk through fire (or at least through New Orleans during Mardi Gras) to bring you ice cream after a bad date. 
15. When to make a dentist appointment. And your mom doesn't even have to tell you to! (Most of the time.)
16. Eat dessert if you feel like it. You know slice of cake isn't going to kill you — uh, in fact, it might prolong your life because happiness is like magic. Plus, that ganache is hella fancy and you need it. As Oscar Wilde said: "Everything in moderation, including moderation." 
17. You should no longer give a shit about what the mean girls think. Mean girls exist in the world long after high school, and they are always a nightmare to deal with. However, as you get older and more secure, you can blow off the bullshit and just do your own thing. Consider it your late 20s superpower: Not giving a F*CK.
>>>>> See... so worth clicking on! Follow Laura on twitter @mrpenguino
                                                                xo, Erica

Tuesday, March 25, 2014

DUHHH | Beauty

Okay loves so I realized that I told you about my fav must-haves for summer but I didn't explain why I loved them. It was Monday, so you will have to excuse my CHER BRAIN. Yes, my CHER BRAIN - you know the movie clueless right?! Well on Monday's my brain tends to react like a 90's spoiled teenager that lives in Beverly Hills. You can't really count on anything to make sense and my priorities are totally messed up. I mean it's Monday, HELLO. No worries though because I'm sure you all have your Monday alter ego. No judgments kay?! So back to the fab miracles that we like to call beauty must-haves. More like why don't you already have... READY >>

1. Pink Fresh & Clean Body Mist - For those of us that don't naturally smell like a Goddess. Spray a little on each wrist and on your neck for a light & clean fragrance. I would bathe in the sent of I could. I'm super picky about smells and the fact that I love it that much says a lot. GET IT >> Victoria's Secret

2. Bite Beauty Agave Lip Mask - For super soft kissable lips. I'm not a fan of chap stick unless you look like an alligator. The more I use it the more chapped my lips become so I've tossed the stuff and rely on this to get my lips back to normal. Squeeze just a tiny amount on at night before you go to bed and wake up with the perfect pout. GET IT >> Sephora

3. GLAMGLOW Thirsty Mud Hydrating Treatment - I know, it's that good. I don't know about you but I spend a ton of time in the sun during the summer. I try to lotion but I know I can do more for my skin-especially on my face! Leave it on for about 20 minutes and it will literally pull everything out of your face when you remove it. Prepare to see everything you didn't know was there. This is also a great spot treatment! GET IT >> Sephora

4. Sun Bum Cool Down Continuous Spray - For glowing skin even after the sun goes down. I'm known for slathering on sun screen but never think to take care of my skin directly after sun exposure. This stuff is perfect for returning the moisture to the skin and helping it revitalize it after a long day in the sun. GET IT >>

5. Cetaphil Daily Facial Moisturizer SPF 15 - For the years to come. I am a huge fan of all Cetaphil products and have been for years! This one specifically is great for every season. It really makes my skin feel moisturized and protected throughout the day. GET IT >> Ulta

6. Tanwise Dark Sunless Mousse - For that extra touch of sun. I just recently discover this product when I was looking for a self tanner. I also bought a mitt to help apply it without streaks and so it wouldn't stain my hand. I have had so many bad experiences with self tanners but this one came out the perfect color and I was still able to touch up areas a couple hours later. I can even see myself using this for a little bit of a darker tan for a special occasion during the summer. GET IT >> Sally Beauty Supply

7. BOSCIA Bright White Mask - For the dewy skin we all wish we had. This peel off mask is the go to mask for helping even out skin tones. It's best for dry and normal skin since it leaves your face moisturized and super soft. GET IT >> Sephora

8. Not Your Mothers Beach Babe Sea Salt Texturizing Spray - For that beach bombshell look. This product is a great easy summer fix. Just out of the shower or pool just spray some of this and get going. It is really great on my hair and gives it a little more control than just wearing it natural with no frizz. GET IT >> Ulta

9. SUJA Spark - For your inner beauty. I'm a huge suja lover!! My friend Holly told me about it and ever since I can't put it down. First off it's cold pressed and did I tell you that it's delicious. Every flavor awakens your taste buds over and over with each sip. Definitely the best option for a light and healthy summer drink. GET IT >> Whole Foods

10. Sun Bum SPF 50 Clear Zinc Oxide - For beautiful skin even when you're 50. I will yell it from the rooftops, protect your face!!! 30 years from now you will thank yourself for taking care of that pretty face. This product is one of the best I've found. It doesn't wash off easy and it doesn't sting your eyes if it happens to wonder. GET IT >>

Okay so there you go. My favs & why I love them. Try them, share them and love them. Think I've missed something. Tell me below :)

                                                         xo, Erica

Monday, March 24, 2014

Summer Must-Haves | Beauty

Happy Monday loves! How are all of you? Can you believe it's almost April - what?! I mean where did March go. Obviousy it's still in CABO on spring break with everyone else I know. This year is the first in many many years that I didn't jump on a plane and head to one of my fav places. But anyways, ya'll summer is right around the corner so I wanted to put together my list of must-haves for all of you!! What are your summer essentials? I want to know if I have missed something and should add it to my bag of beauties. I hope that you totes all enjoy them!

                                                                          xo, Erica

Tuesday, March 18, 2014


EXTRA EXTRA READ ALL ABOUT IT!!! Lululemon has come out with a new line of women's apparel! The lovely new items that can be found at our local lulu are being called &go. I'm obsessed - but really. I'm already pulling planning on running by tomorrow on my lunch hour to check out everything. I put together a few of my FAV tops for you all to see the AMAZENESS of it all. I know I can't be the only one that feels like my best friend just returned a favorite outfit. I love the idea of them creating a new brand that is designed for a quick workout then heading out. Now I would never - I'm a huge smell person so If this is something you like to do please put on some extra deodorant for me!!! HOWEVER I would totes wear this with some leggings this summer. I mean DUH. Why would you not want to be super cute and sporty.

Okay - enough of this. Get off of the computer &GO to lulu :)
see what I did there...

                                                                   xo, Erica

Friday, March 14, 2014

Real Life | Lifestyle

So normally I would start out by saying some type of happy day. Today is not one of those days. Although I did have a great day and the weather was amazing. At some point today I realized how much I have missed seeing all of my friends! Have I been away? No. Well only for Christmas. Have they been away? Only for the holidays. Then what has been going on?! I've been to busy. I haven't sat time aside to spend time with my wonderful friends and family like I should be. I've been so overwhelmed by other areas in my life that I've basically put everyone on a shelf. I've decided this has to change, especially when the last 3 nights I talked and spent time with some that I've missed. So this post isn't so happy - this post is about making sure my priorities are in the correct order. I have gotten off to a great start with a pizza rendezvous last night with my #matchingsister Riley. She shows up to my hose saying she needs to change and comes out wearing almost the exact same thing as what I already had on... We shared a delicious pizza and dessert >> pictured here. Then headed off to see the new movie NON-STOP. If you haven't seen it yet - go look up times right now and go asap! More coming soon tomorrow babes about my connection with the totes amaze THE SKINNY CONFIDENTIAL book that is available to buy! I'm almost finished with it and can't wait to start it again. This time going a little slower and taking notes that I can apply to my daily routine. Until then - I'm going to catch up on some sleep.

                                                  xo, Erica

Monday, March 10, 2014

Love Your Body™ | Healthy & Fit

Happy Monday! We had amazing weather here today - it was 80! Crazy because Saturday night it was around 20 degrees. Then again that is completely normal for Oklahoma. Then with the time change the sun is just now setting, which seems strange since I've been home for a while now. I do have to admit losing the hour made the last two days seem so much more beautiful. So for those of you that follow me on INSTA I'm sure that you've seen I finally got The Skinny Confidential in the mail!!! I've been waiting for like a week and a half and Saturday morning they showed up on my doorstep. I meant to spend yesterday devouring the first half of the book but things came up and I was exhausted from the night before. It was girls night out... So when I got home today I sat down with a glass of half & half tea and started reading.

I'M OBSESSED!! You have no idea how much I'm already loving every part of it. Not only does the book have some many things that hit home with me (like my obsession with flaming hot Cheetos) but the way Lauryn's personality is all over each page. I seriously feel like I just found a soul friend. You know one of those feelings where you've never met them before but you just mesh. For those of you that don't know who or what I'm talking about go check out THE SKINNY CONFIDENTIAL right freaking now!

I can't wait to add of her tips and advice with my new activity >> YOGA!! Yup I've back off of bootcamp recently since my knees were really starting to bother me. I did yoga for about 3 months last year and I loved it so when I found out that yoga was going to start being offered twice a week at work i squealed in my office. Yes, I squealed... So I'm going to start mixing it with doing yoga on my own from my home. Now that it's summer I'm hoping to do some outside if I can find a spot that feels right. I'm going to start with simple videos and styles that I've done like this awesome Love Your Body yoga video from the girlies at TONE IT UP. Do you have any favorite yoga videos?! I want to know :)

Okay, enough of this. I've got to get my yummy sweet potato fries in the over so they are ready when the babes get here to watch the bachelor...

                                                     xo, Erica

Monday, March 3, 2014

My Current Read | Book Club

With my mindset change on my healthy lifestyle, I've also been craving some type of mental change as well. I've always been a reader, in high school the librarians knew my name and would hold book they thought I would like. I could read through 3-4 books in a couple weeks. I was far from being a nerd though! I had to constantly put in extra effort to just pass my math classes. It's just a numbers thing, because then I would go to a history or government class and completely ace my assignments and finals. Math and I just aren't made for each other. So back to the books... I've had a membership card to Barnes & Noble for as long as I can remember. If you don't have one and catch yourself there a couple times a month I really would suggest getting one. You save 10% on each purchase and get special discounts online and on hardbacks. I'm always looking for a new book and like to check out the current book on Oprah's and Lauren Conrad's book clubs. With the last couple of months being so crazy I haven't had much time to read. So I decided to run by and get a couple new books I'd been meaning to pick up since Christmas. I'm usually not a self help kind of person but I knew I wanted to read this book after I've heard multiple people talk about it. If you aren't currently reading a book... drop everything and go pick up HOW TO WIN FRIENDS & INFLUENCE PEOPLE by Dale Carnegie. I'm only on the second chapter and I can tell you I will re-read this book twice a year for the rest of my life.

This isn't just for an already successful business woman or a fresh out of college you woman. This is for anyone and everyone at any age. I'm actually surprised that we weren't assigned this in school. It's been in print for over 75 years and is still a best seller!! 

I'm already taking pages of notes and reminding myself throughout the day what I've read and to apply it. This book will literally change your life.If you don't see a change and others don't notice anything different after you have read the book then you need to read it again.

Okay, that's enough. Just telling you about it makes me want to go read more.

Enjoy the rest of today!
                                      xo, Erica

Sunday, March 2, 2014

Oil Pulling | Health & Fitness

So, here it is Sunday and the first weekend in March. I woke up to about 2 inches of snow and it's still falling! So I am HAPPY, HAPPY, HAPPY (think of that song...) and being Oklahoma it's not just snow. It's snow, lightning, thunder and crazy wind. We like to call it thunder snowing and it actually happens a lot. With the new banner I also edited some other pages so take a new look around and check everything out :)

I'm really in a new stage about getting healthy so I did some research and ordered THE BODY BOOK & pre-ordered THE SKINNY CONFIDENTIAL >>> I'm so pumped!!

They should be getting here in the next week or so and I'm acting like a kid waiting for Christmas! Both Cameron Diaz and Lauryn Evarts are amazing and I can't wait to devour these books. I will totes be sharing some things that I love from them with all of you. One thing I've already heard Cameron say about her book is that diets focus on deprivation and nutrition is all about abundance. OH SHOOT! That just happened.

Lauryn is also the author/creator of the blog THE SKINNY CONFIDENTIAL >> Check out this post from her blog about oil pulling. I'm nervous but so gonna try it!

Guys. This totally a phallic post.
Let’s go back a couple centuries & talk about the best thing ever: oil pulling.
Oil pulling was initially introduced to me by my BF & partner, Erica. She also runs the blog,Fashionlush & posted about OP-ing here.
Anyway, we went out to dinner last Friday night ( chips & salsa, duh ) and she pretty much changed my whole life with her oil pulling stories. I was like a kid, staring with my mouth wide open for a few minutes, catching flies.
I mean…is this real life? Soooo cool.
She said it’s been a realllll game-changer ( anything that whitens my teeth…I’m in ).
The benefits ( we’ll get to them later, don’t worry ) were killer…so…directions?
Thought so:

While we’re talking oil, let’s talk what kind of oil.
Some people use sesame seed oil, but I’m a die-hard coconut oil fan. ESP organic.
In my opinion, coconut oil is the way to go when it comes to oil pulling— but to each its own. Do what works for you. You know you better than I know you.
Note: the whole process takes 20 minutes…yes, 20 minutes ( I know- I could write a novel in 20 minutes— such a long time! ). So today I may or may not have been walking around my house, cleaning, cooking, texting…all while oil pulling…#multitasking. Fun times, right?
Ok, now let’s get down to why the F you should oil pull:
+ So. WTF is oil pulling?
FashionlushOil Pulling is an ancient Ayurvedic practice that has recently become the craze among holistic-lovers everywhere ( including myself ). Basically, you swish either organic sesame oil or organic cold pressed coconut oil ( room temperature ) in your mouth for twenty minutes. During this time the oil, which has a “sticky-ness” to, it travels around your mouth/ up into pockets your toothbrush can’t reach & pulls out the bacteria & disgusting toxins. Rejoice!
+ Noticed any positive changes? 
FL: So far, I have noticed my teeth are a lot whiter… which may sound like NBD to most of you, but for me it’s HUGE. I have never had any luck w/ those annoying white strips that always leave my teeth soooo sensitive ( literally, I won’t be able to drink a cold glass of water for at least three days!! ), so that was pretty exciting for me. I’ve also noticed less sensitivity, my jaw is doing really well ( I’ve got some seriously bad TMJ ), & my skin is looking great– which I am 100% contributing to the oil pulling.
+ Anything we have to/need to/must know?
FL: Two things you must know about oil pulling:
1.} Please, please, please do NOT swallow the coconut oil!! After about five minutes of swishing the liquid it will fill up with the nasty bacteria/toxins you’re trying to get rid of it. Ingesting the old oil just puts the toxins back into the body. Big no, no.
If there’s too much in your mouth & it’s drifting towards the back of your throat…spit some out.
2.} When you’re done- do NOT spit it into your sink!! The liquid will solidify again & this can mess up your pipes big time. 
+ Benefits? Spill um.
FL: Well to start…
++ Healthier gums/ teeth/ mouth.
++ Helps to clear up sinus issues.
++ If you’ve got strep, oil pulling will help clearing the strep bacteria ASAP.
++ Helps w/ skin issues— side note on this one: my friend started oil pulling & for the first time in a LONG time she has gotten rid of her awful plaque psoriasis on her scalp. Nothing else ever helped her till now. Props to OP.
++ Can help cure a hangover << tried it, works!
++ Overall detoxification.
&…. well the benefits are really endless, find more here.
Umm, k, sold— I’m gonna go pull some more oil.
Swoosh, swoosh.
Happy Sunday!
                                                  xo, Erica