Friday, March 14, 2014

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So normally I would start out by saying some type of happy day. Today is not one of those days. Although I did have a great day and the weather was amazing. At some point today I realized how much I have missed seeing all of my friends! Have I been away? No. Well only for Christmas. Have they been away? Only for the holidays. Then what has been going on?! I've been to busy. I haven't sat time aside to spend time with my wonderful friends and family like I should be. I've been so overwhelmed by other areas in my life that I've basically put everyone on a shelf. I've decided this has to change, especially when the last 3 nights I talked and spent time with some that I've missed. So this post isn't so happy - this post is about making sure my priorities are in the correct order. I have gotten off to a great start with a pizza rendezvous last night with my #matchingsister Riley. She shows up to my hose saying she needs to change and comes out wearing almost the exact same thing as what I already had on... We shared a delicious pizza and dessert >> pictured here. Then headed off to see the new movie NON-STOP. If you haven't seen it yet - go look up times right now and go asap! More coming soon tomorrow babes about my connection with the totes amaze THE SKINNY CONFIDENTIAL book that is available to buy! I'm almost finished with it and can't wait to start it again. This time going a little slower and taking notes that I can apply to my daily routine. Until then - I'm going to catch up on some sleep.

                                                  xo, Erica

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