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Oil Pulling | Health & Fitness

So, here it is Sunday and the first weekend in March. I woke up to about 2 inches of snow and it's still falling! So I am HAPPY, HAPPY, HAPPY (think of that song...) and being Oklahoma it's not just snow. It's snow, lightning, thunder and crazy wind. We like to call it thunder snowing and it actually happens a lot. With the new banner I also edited some other pages so take a new look around and check everything out :)

I'm really in a new stage about getting healthy so I did some research and ordered THE BODY BOOK & pre-ordered THE SKINNY CONFIDENTIAL >>> I'm so pumped!!

They should be getting here in the next week or so and I'm acting like a kid waiting for Christmas! Both Cameron Diaz and Lauryn Evarts are amazing and I can't wait to devour these books. I will totes be sharing some things that I love from them with all of you. One thing I've already heard Cameron say about her book is that diets focus on deprivation and nutrition is all about abundance. OH SHOOT! That just happened.

Lauryn is also the author/creator of the blog THE SKINNY CONFIDENTIAL >> Check out this post from her blog about oil pulling. I'm nervous but so gonna try it!

Guys. This totally a phallic post.
Let’s go back a couple centuries & talk about the best thing ever: oil pulling.
Oil pulling was initially introduced to me by my BF & partner, Erica. She also runs the blog,Fashionlush & posted about OP-ing here.
Anyway, we went out to dinner last Friday night ( chips & salsa, duh ) and she pretty much changed my whole life with her oil pulling stories. I was like a kid, staring with my mouth wide open for a few minutes, catching flies.
I mean…is this real life? Soooo cool.
She said it’s been a realllll game-changer ( anything that whitens my teeth…I’m in ).
The benefits ( we’ll get to them later, don’t worry ) were killer…so…directions?
Thought so:

While we’re talking oil, let’s talk what kind of oil.
Some people use sesame seed oil, but I’m a die-hard coconut oil fan. ESP organic.
In my opinion, coconut oil is the way to go when it comes to oil pulling— but to each its own. Do what works for you. You know you better than I know you.
Note: the whole process takes 20 minutes…yes, 20 minutes ( I know- I could write a novel in 20 minutes— such a long time! ). So today I may or may not have been walking around my house, cleaning, cooking, texting…all while oil pulling…#multitasking. Fun times, right?
Ok, now let’s get down to why the F you should oil pull:
+ So. WTF is oil pulling?
FashionlushOil Pulling is an ancient Ayurvedic practice that has recently become the craze among holistic-lovers everywhere ( including myself ). Basically, you swish either organic sesame oil or organic cold pressed coconut oil ( room temperature ) in your mouth for twenty minutes. During this time the oil, which has a “sticky-ness” to, it travels around your mouth/ up into pockets your toothbrush can’t reach & pulls out the bacteria & disgusting toxins. Rejoice!
+ Noticed any positive changes? 
FL: So far, I have noticed my teeth are a lot whiter… which may sound like NBD to most of you, but for me it’s HUGE. I have never had any luck w/ those annoying white strips that always leave my teeth soooo sensitive ( literally, I won’t be able to drink a cold glass of water for at least three days!! ), so that was pretty exciting for me. I’ve also noticed less sensitivity, my jaw is doing really well ( I’ve got some seriously bad TMJ ), & my skin is looking great– which I am 100% contributing to the oil pulling.
+ Anything we have to/need to/must know?
FL: Two things you must know about oil pulling:
1.} Please, please, please do NOT swallow the coconut oil!! After about five minutes of swishing the liquid it will fill up with the nasty bacteria/toxins you’re trying to get rid of it. Ingesting the old oil just puts the toxins back into the body. Big no, no.
If there’s too much in your mouth & it’s drifting towards the back of your throat…spit some out.
2.} When you’re done- do NOT spit it into your sink!! The liquid will solidify again & this can mess up your pipes big time. 
+ Benefits? Spill um.
FL: Well to start…
++ Healthier gums/ teeth/ mouth.
++ Helps to clear up sinus issues.
++ If you’ve got strep, oil pulling will help clearing the strep bacteria ASAP.
++ Helps w/ skin issues— side note on this one: my friend started oil pulling & for the first time in a LONG time she has gotten rid of her awful plaque psoriasis on her scalp. Nothing else ever helped her till now. Props to OP.
++ Can help cure a hangover << tried it, works!
++ Overall detoxification.
&…. well the benefits are really endless, find more here.
Umm, k, sold— I’m gonna go pull some more oil.
Swoosh, swoosh.
Happy Sunday!
                                                  xo, Erica

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