Sunday, January 5, 2014


Happy Sunday! How is everyone?! I hope you are all staying warm, it's pretty cold down here. I think it's right around 15 degrees with the wind chill being 2 degrees. That north wind is keeping everything nice and frosty. As most of you know I just returned home from my Christmas vacation to Seattle. I think I just fully recovered from all of the flight changes, delays and jet lag. While I was there I had so much fun trying out all of the new clothes I got just before Christmas. So naturally as I got back I wanted to veg in leggings and big t-shirts. Which is exactly what I've done. Before Christmas I found this divine black leather motor cycle jacket (see in the pics from my previous post). I called my grandmother to come look at it, she did and bought it for my for Christmas to keep safe at here house until my trip. While I was gone I got to wear it a couple times with some new black leather boots. My cousin had to pretty much rip it off of me. I'm head over heels for black leather now.


Since returning home I've done my fair share of online shopping to search for the best after Christmas sales. I haven't really found anything that I have to have, but it reminded me of the Nylon Magazine cover that Hayden Panettiere did last May. Yes, I know it was over a year ago but it's delicious! I scavenged YouTube for a behind the scene's look and I found it! I absolutely love her style. Her everyday tom boy chic mixed with the hard and girly is just perfect. Throughout the shoot you see her in some great leather pieces that I will be looking for this next spring. Leather is always in.
Other than her killer style and we talk about how gorgeous she is?! I mean, I really can't recall seeing someone pull off a smokey eye like that. Not to mention the blonde hair - total hair envy here! I love this shade of blond and rarely do you find anyone that can pull it off. You could definitely say she is one of my girl crushes. Now to start talking some of my besties into getting some leather of their own, so we can share!! So do any of you have favorite looks that you're into right now?! Sound off below :)
                                                     xo, Erica

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