Wednesday, May 7, 2014

SUJA DUH | Healthy & Fit

With my very first art show and my roommates wedding on the horizon I have taken the extra step this month to make sure I'm looking my best for both occasions. I had to lay off bootcamp for a while after a slip and fall that I had outside of TARGET in the rain. It's a long story - but the important thing is the JERK behind me kept walking and didn't help me at all. THANKS DUDE! So instead of bootcamp I've been doing a little bit of YOGA and doing by best to eat healthy. I was going to spend the month on a no sugar, no salt and low carb death spiral since I wasn't sure if my dress was going to fit. January was a LONG ASS time ago! So Friday when I picked my dress up, I was so relieved to find that my dress fit like a glove! So I am just making healthier choices the rest of the month to make sure It says a perfect fit and to make sure my skin is glowing and my energy is though the roof. I of course turned to my FAV >>> SUJA!!! I've been having 2 per day and a regular juice from Whole Foods (today is WATERMELON!!!) to make the total 3 by the time I leave work. I'm not strict at dinner though - I still need some type of carb and protein and a little fat so I just make sure that whatever I'm having is a smaller portion. I can already tell the difference in my ENERGY and my skin. I might keep this up even after MAY! The next prep step was to get a TAN. Yes - I know it's bad for me but I'm naturally dark so it makes it a little better right?! Yes, lets go with yes. I've been making it up to my skin by lathering on the Cetaphil Intense Moisture Cream and I've been chugging water to help keep me hydrated. I've noticed when I don't drink it before and after my BAKE SESSION I have a killer headache the rest of the day. I've even been using purifying and toning masks on my face before I jump in the shower so It's easier to remove and I've been moisturizing like CRAZY after. HYDRATE HYDRATE HYDRATE!! 

                                                                XO, Erica

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