Tuesday, May 6, 2014

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So as everyone knows MAY is the best month of the year :) First because my BIRTHDAY is in May and second because some of the coolest people I know are born in the month of May. It also happens to be the month that everyone chooses for weddings, parties, babies and every other thing you can think of. All of that translates into completely packed weekends and running all of my errands throughout the week so then my weeks get crazy. So add in the other things I've agreed to help with this month and you will certainly understand why I've been MIA the last week. First - it's way too much to go over so I will give you a preview into my oh so GLAM life in a week or so when (hopefully) things slow down... a little. Now on to the current post!! >>> BE OUR GUEST!! Yes, I decided to do a post about a guest room and what I've learned makes the best and worst hosts when it comes to staying the night. I don't have a guest room - one bedroom, one bathroom, one fabulous patio- it works but I know in the future I will have a guest room and I will most certainly have guest's begging to come back once they have experienced my hosting abilities. I really should just open a bed and breakfast. 

Rule Number 1. Make sure it's relaxing. I'm all about painting each room to make it feel more calming and comfortable. I'm all about warm grays and blues - if it looks like the sky around dusk or dawn you have hit the jackpot. 

Rule Number 2. Think Ahead. I'm obsessed with the idea of this cart in the guest room. The bottled water, towels, tissues, the jars full of toiletries and even options for candles or room scents. I LOVE IT ALL. I mean can I have this in my own room?! I don't know that I would have all of the food on it though. FOOD BELONGS IN THE KITCHEN! 

Rule Number 3. Climate Control. I know I'm a little strange since I like to keep my place around the 67 degrees mark. There have been plenty of times when I have been a guest at someones home and I couldn't sleep because I was too hot. So I would absolutely invest in a fan & a space heater so that you guest can have their ideal climate.

Rule Number 4. DUH. You have to have a clock - maybe even one with an alarm. Not everyone knows how to use their smartphone (grandparents) and you must not forget about lighting! One overhead light in the room is not enough - always have 2-3 lighting options per room.

Rule Number 5. Storage. Now depending on how long your guests are staying I would say always supply a laundry basket, iron and ironing table to the room. You can easily store them in the closet and they can be there for you guest to use without feeling like they need to bother you to find everything. I love the closet system above that even gives you shelving options.

Rule Number 6. Morning Brew. Hello beautiful mug, how I adore you and this idea. I'm a huge fan of coffee or tea in the morning and was trying to figure out a way to order a customized mug that your guest can take with them to always remind them of the stay they had with you. You can even order 5-10 at a time so that you only might need to order more about once or twice per year.

Here are my must-have items for making the perfect home away from home! (See links below to purchase)

                                                                 xo, Erica

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