Sunday, May 25, 2014

Vogue's All About Big Brows | Beauty

Oh.My.Gosh First off I'm so sorry it's taken me this long to post again. It's been a crazy week - way to much to post about right now (tomorrow I promise!!) but everything is FINALLY back to normal and I wanted to share a post with you that is super close to my heart. VOGUE is like my all-time fav magazine. I mean who doesn't love Vogue?! Especially the September issue - it's only 3 months away! WHOOHOO. I am always online looking at vogue to see what's going on in the fashion world and today I came across something that I wanted to share. BROWS!!! Yup those bushy or barely there brows are a new love of mine. I used to be all about letting them be natural and do whatever they wanted but randomly I would find them out of control - especially since my brows look nothing alike. I was never really taught how to groom them so I never did. UNTIL I started watching Nicole Guerriero's youtube channel - if you don't know who she is check out her channel and be ready to fall in love with her funny videos and GORGE hair and makeup tutorials. So I started really getting into taking care of my skin and using quality makeup. Which brings me back to my brows. I had no clue where to start so one day when I was at my local ULTA I discovered the Benefit Brow Bar where (by appointment) they will sit you down do measurements of your face and show you where you brows should arch depending on the dimensions of your face. Then with a quick wax and massage with some almond oil you are good to go. I also asked them what they were using to fill in my brows and they pointed me to Benefit Cosmetics Brow Zings that has part wax and part powder with two different brushes and some mini tweezers. I'm obsessed with it!! So if you were lost like I was give your brows a few weeks to grow back and then make and appointment! This brings me back to the original reason for this post. VOGUE did a post about the most amaze brows in history!! Here is the post and my fav pics from the top 27. See the original post HERE.


If it’s true that the eyes are the windows to the soul, then the brows may be a map of the psyche. Artist Frida Kahlo certainly understood their visual impact, letting her own conceptual arches roam as freely as her imagination. Even before she’d established her iconic bombshell status,1940s film star Lauren Bacall’s sensual set seemed preternaturally knowing—even before she’d established her iconic bombshell status—while a ’60s-era Catherine Deneuves tawny blonde brows read like a study in controlled elegance. Things got bushier in the ’70s, and then again in the more-is-more ’80s. Until, acting as a beacon of ’90s minimalism, Kate Mosss bleached brows in Steven Meisels 1992 “Grunge & Glory” shoot for Vogue established the cult of the anti-brow, opening up a rebellious new chapter in beauty history that lasted through Rooney MaraThe Girl with the Dragon Tattoo transformation in 2011. Present-day brow muses, like Arizona Muse, keep things on the fuller side of natural, but when in doubt, they seem to swear by one rule: Bigger is always better. 

                                             XO, Erica

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