Monday, February 3, 2014

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So I've already decided that this year is going to be one of my bests. I have so much planned already and I can't wait to start marking through things on my list. One of the most important things is to continue with my fitness goals. I'm still not sure exactly where I want to be, I don't have a certain number I would like to see on the scale or a certain pant size I would like to be in. It's a constant thing that I will be maintaining. Once I'm where I want to be I will know it. Until then I'm enjoying the compliments that have been coming my way. Who doesn't like to be told that they look great?! After a long couple of weeks from my day job things have slowed down a little but not much. Opening a second location is hard work. Not only opening it but having a grand opening, moving locations, organizing when I can squeeze it in and still managing to do my everyday stuff is a task. I'm enjoying it though. I say give it a week and things will start to slow a little, our feet will come underneath us and we will find a perfect pace. With all of this work stuff going on I've really been into inspirational messages and quotes that completely change your perspective. One of the quotes I picked up last week is "Greatness is a bunch of small things done well". It's totally true! I've been thinking about the things I'm wanting to accomplish this year and let me tell you - I can't wait to say that they have been accomplished. Set goals, focus on them and achieve it! The only thing that can come between you and your goal is yourself.

I realize I'm all over the map tonight but I really feel inspired and hope that someone, somewhere will become inspired to make their goal become a reality. If you don't have goals what are doing. You aren't moving forward and you are at a standstill or moving backwards. I'm so excited :)

You should strive to be better that you ever thought you could be.

What are your dreams, ambitions and goals. If you don't have any sit down and write them out. Start small with weekly goals and grow from there. I hope you are all having a great week! We are about to get even more snow - JOY!

                                                                             xo, Erica

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