Wednesday, February 12, 2014

OH MY DEAR | Lifestyle

OH MY WORD. Ya'll I am so sorry for my absence. My life has been crazy for the last couple of weeks! I've been swamped at work with opening a new location, still maintaining all of the office stuff and then the grand opening, then finishing the studio and I'm still not finished or caught up for that matter. Then one of my roommates moved and we were scheduling a going away party. All while my other roommate is getting married so being part of the bridal party I get text messages everyday about different stuff. So then throw in the death of a grandfather. That has been my life the last two and a half weeks. I love you all dearly and would never just drop off the map.

There has been so much going on I keep making mental notes of things I want to blog about so get ready for a whole lot of everything. Ready?! GO >>

First off I'm still obsessing over SUJA. The amazing drink that you can discover at whole foods :) "All of Suja’s juices are certified Organic, Non-GMO & Kosher and are processed using cold pressure (also known as High Pressure Processing or HPP) to kill harmful bacteria while preserving maximum nutrition and taste. With a wide range of cold-presured organic offerings, Suja™ has a juice for every lifestyle." My friend Holly turned me on to them and I've literally stopped at Whole Foods every morning to get a couple. One of the co-founders Annie Lawless is a total doll & just started up her own blog  BLAWNDE which I've fallen in love with. Her style, food choices and other fun things are posted daily. 

Second - Spring is supposedly on it's way. Like most of the country I've been awoken to snow most mornings. That isn't a complaint, I LOVE SNOW! Well everything about winter really so I'm sad that it's coming to an end. Spring does bring around warm weather so I can't harp too much. I've been searching online for my new spring look and I think I've come to a decision but I'm not fully committed. So I wanted to hear some feedback from you guys before I purchase. What are you looking for or can't wait to bring out again?! I'm getting it all put together and will post it early next week. From the top of my head to the end of my toes, all of my must haves for Spring are coming!!

Third :) if you are a regular reader I'm sure you have seen me post about TONE IT UP! If you haven't then stop right now and check them out! Not only do they have a show on Bravo but they have millions of hits on youtube where they first started. Over the last couple of months I've really gotten into their posts on FB, Insta & Twitter. Their easy to follow workout videos are simple and tough. You will feel the burn... Plus once your join their news letter you get tons of tips, advice and access to all kinds of stuff. I've recently sat out my bootcamp sessions dues to my issues with my knees and ankles so I started looking at their low impact videos and have been putting together my own 35 minute workout. So far I've only done it 2 days this week but let me tell you, I'm hurting! You know that walk, the too sore to actually pick up my legs so I'm just going to shuffle along. After I've got this week finished I will post the workouts I've put together. Then I want to hear some feedback. If you guys like it I will post them more often!

                                                                 xo, Erica

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