Tuesday, August 25, 2015

10 Steps to Self-Love | LIFESTYLE

Many people define success differently. To you, success may mean becoming a millionaire, finding the love of your life, or waking up every day on a tropical island. No matter how you define success, the first step to getting there is the same. Self-love.

Self-love is the first step towards becoming successful because you must first know that you deserve that success. If you don’t love yourself, you don’t fully believe you are good enough to reach success. You’ll always be one step behind. Almost at the finish line, but suddenly you’re too scared to cross it so you never do. You’re just watching people run by you while you stay in the same place.

When you love yourself, and I mean really love yourself, you have the power to accomplish anything you dream. You know you deserve to be successful, you know you deserve to be treated right, you know you deserve to eat healthy, and you know you deserve to live a life you love.

You also have to understand that self-love is not a destination; it’s a life long journey that we’re all on together. You may love yourself by leaps and bounds today, but tomorrow if you get fired from your job or your boyfriend/girlfriend breaks up with you, that self-love may diminish slightly. And that’s okay, we’re human, but what is not okay is to let outside forces determine our lifelong path.

We don’t have the choice to eliminate all pain and suffering from our lives because many times that pain is coming from an external force like family, society, or a loved one.

What we can choose though is the time we allow the negativity to affect us. We can sit in sorrow for months or we can feed ourselves with positivity and get back on track knowing and fully understanding that we are worthy of self-love.

When you get off track, come back to this post and follow these steps (in order) on how to love yourself.

1. Breathe.

2. State this mantra throughout the day, over and over: “I am love.”

3. Dress in attire that makes you feel confident. Wear what you love.

4. Walk with your shoulders back, head up, and smile on.

5. Be kind to everyone you encounter.

6. Have a spa day, get a massage, read a book in the park, pick up your favorite five-dollar coffee, take a hot bath with candles… Treat yo’ self!

7. Come back to the mantra, “I am love” and add, “I am love. I am worthy.”

8. Put your hand to your heart and sit in silence hearing and feeling only the sound of your heartbeat. Do this for at least one minute.

9. Breathe. Inhale exhale deeply and slowly.

10. Say this out loud: “I AM A SELF-LOVE WARRIOR!” (I recommend screaming it!)

Boom… you are now a Self-Love Warrior! Come back to these ten steps any time life gets in the way of your path towards success.

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