Saturday, August 15, 2015

Remembering The Great Days | Travel

Do you ever have days that start out as average days and turn out to be just amazingly great and unforgettable days? Not even because anything life-altering happened… But just because everything that could go right and happy, did? Well, yesterday was that day for me.
My roommate and I both had the day off, and since the sunshine Jesus decided to shine on Oahu this day, we headed up North, breakfast burritos in hand, for some beach time. As we drove over the curve of the island to the picturesque view of the coastline, the water was seriously perfection. I’ve lived on Oahu for 5 years, and I have NEVER seen the water that crystal clear and blue. I essentially threw The Great Gatsby and my phone in the sand and charged the flew into the water and stayed there for as long as I could.
A few hours later, after our skin couldn’t handle much more sun, we decided to adventure down random roads in the neighborhoods. We found a ranch nestled up in a quiet hill and a small alley to a hidden beach and a perfect place to see the whole coast. Then we drove to Kahuku to Laie to Kaaawa where we found this hike:

Post epic hike, we drove back down into the city on the H3. For those who haven’t driven on the H3 on Oahu, it is without a doubt the prettiest drive I have ever driven. Through part of it, there is this really long tunnel and then you pop out onto the other side of the mountains with this crazy view of the city. Blasting XO in the car, cruising at about 75mph in this freeway, I had this weird Perks-Of-Being-A-Wallflower-I-feel-infinite moment that I can’t even begin to explain.

It was a perfect day. Nothing crazily significant happened and it was all things that I have done before… But it was different this day. And I just always really want to remember the days that seem unimportant, but are the days that make me the very happiest.

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