Monday, June 10, 2013

Back on Track

So it's been a little over a month and I'm back. I'm sorry about skipping out and not keeping up with the posts. I want to blame it on something but honestly I just got lazy. I started getting lazy with my meals, workouts and posting habits. I kept up the workouts until about 2 weeks ago, It was my birthday week after all. There is nothing to worry about because I started again tonight after I got off work.
Since I last posted I had been doing bootcamp 4 times per week (Fit Body Bootcamp) they have locations world wide so check them out if you are looking for something to change up your workouts. It's an indoor bootcamp facility that has small group personal training. Tonight I hit up my regular gym (Lifetime) and did some cardo for about an hour. I felt amazing afterwards! I say all of this to preface that I'm still going through my transformation! I have great days & some days I'd rather not talk about, like last night but I'm not going to let myself get down about it. Today is another day and it's time to continue on.
I realized yesterday that I had began to eat out way to much. Even though my choices were healthier they still could be better. So after church instead of going out to lunch I came home and made a delicious fruit and green tea smoothie. It was the reminder I needed to start eating healthy again.
Please feel free to reach out and ask me anything!
                                                             - Erica

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