Friday, September 26, 2014

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Hey ya'll! Hope you all had a great week! The fair is in town and I'm so excited about all of the people watching, fair food and carnival games that will soon be taking up my weekends! When the fair comes to town it officially means it's fall here in Oklahoma. You start seeing the pumpkin patches pop up and I start my super early CHRISTMAS shopping. Yes, I know it's still September but I like to get it done and out of the way since I learned my lesson about shopping the day of. One of the things I'm excited about getting all of the women in my family this year is JAMBERRY NAIL WRAPS! Now if you know me, you know that I used to love getting shellac mani's until about 5 months ago when I decided to get it taken off and give my nails a break. I had always heard that shellac wasn't damaging but let me tell you - my nails had NEVER been that bad before. Since then I've had naked nails and keep them pretty short and neat.

When my friend Taylor started using Jamberry she FELL IN LOVE WITH THEM!! I kept seeing her post about them on FB & on my Pinterest feed so when she asked me if she could send me some samples I said ABSOLUTELY!! When I got the samples in the mail I freaked out. The patterns she sent me were so cute and something I wold have picked out for myself. I had also JUST cut my nails down so I waited a couple days before I applied them. I will say I was a little nervous when it came to applying them since I hadn't done it before so she referred me to short video that explained the best and easiest way to apply them so when I did apply them it was super easy. I've only had them on a day but I already LOVE them! Look at some of the other patterns they offer >>

Aren't the AMAZE?! They just launched new fall patterns and you can even create your own CUSTOM wraps!! Plus if you order in the month of September there is a special offer!!

Check out her site HERE

(They will make the perfect stocking stuffers!)

XO, Erica

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