Monday, September 16, 2013

Friday Night Lights & Birthday Celebrations | Gift Ideas

Happy Monday! I hope everyone had a great weekend! I feel like I did a hundred thousand things over the weekend but It was a bunch of fun spent with really great friends and family. High School football is a pretty big deal in this part of the country and rivalries are super intense. The biggest in the area has become sponsored and it's now a high school bowl game. I can't really pick a favorite since each year I cheer for a different team but it's always fun to go and have fun with everyone. A bunch of my youth kids go to both schools so I can't really pick a side. My cousins Jordan & Cameron are both Varsity cheerleaders on one of the teams so I was taking pics of them the whole night. These are some from after the game when we won and rushed the field! It was a mad house being on the same level looking for them but we found them and got to take pics with them both.
"PULL!" was my favorite word for the weekend. Saturday was spent in the country at a family friends house where their son was turning 17. There was a bunch of fun things to do: swimming, human bowling, zip line, driving range with tennis balls into their pond and last but not least the gun range!! I was a little anxious because it's been over a year since I shot a gun. I got to try Skeet shooting for the first time and I actually did really well. I try to claim that I'm a natural :) Anyways after we had shot though a bunch of shot gun shells I got to shoot some pistols. I had never shot one before so I had to learn how to hold it and everything but overall I did pretty well. The target was pretty small and it was about 30 feet from me. I grabbed a pic with my intern brother, Neafus since he was the one showing me the ropes. I love shooting and I'm even thinking about getting my own so that I can practice and get really good. I think it's such a fun hobby to have and one day really could come in handy. You know just incase I become a secret agent....
On the way to the party on Saturday we stopped to get the birthday boy a gas card and that's when I remembered some really cute gift ideas that I had been wanting to try. None of them would have been right for him but for the future it's something I want to do. So I rounded up some of my favorite ones:
Do you have any other ideas that are cute in a jar?! We want to know!
                                                           - Erica

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