Tuesday, September 3, 2013

Update: Labor Day Weekend

Hello loves! Feeling a bit like a Brit today so feel free to read this post in your best English accent. I hope you all had a fun, safe Labor Day Weekend! Those last few moments spent outside at the lake or pool. Getting the last rays of sun you can before pasty Patty comes back to town. It can be a little sad but lets face it we are excited about the layers and leggings that Fall brings. Don't even get me started on the boots, scarfs and yoga pants that will soon refill my closet. My name is Erica and I'm a Yoga pant whore :)
I spent the last part of the weekend with friends at the pool and playing cards into the wee hours of the night. It was all fun and games until I woke up at 4am with what I'm guessing was food poisoning. I've only been brave enough to consume water since then. I'm just trying to rehydrate and rest so that I can have plenty of energy to continue on with the rest of my week without a problem. My wonderful friend Katey (TEAM P+P) is getting married this Saturday so I've got many things to get done and brunches to attend before I can relax on Sunday. I'm even taking Friday off so I'm getting a 3 day weekend two weeks in a row and only a 3 day work week. I've got my butt in gear to get everything taken care of over these 3 days. You should all be excited to see the pictures It's going to be so gorgeous! I'm still trying to find something to wear...


On to FALL! Are any of you going to step up and dye your pretty locks red this season? I'm really tempted to! Do you have any fav celeb reds you love?! Send them this way! I love to see what you all are loving for Fall! Here are just a few that I really love. I'm all for natural looking hues and tones that complement skin tones. I tend to love Emma Stone's red and lean more towards the auburn shades that can blend really well with brown hair. Although I'm so obsessed with this bright almost magenta red.

Here are some yummy drinks I discovered over the weekend that I wanted to share with you all. The tea I bought at QT and the orange juice at Starbucks. Both brands have a bunch of different kids of tea and juice. Neither has any added sugar and are delicious! Try them out, and tell your friends! It's so hard to find yummy drinks that aren't loaded with extra sugar. Fact: the daily recommended amount of sugar per day is 26 grams, most of us have this much before 11am. Pay attention to your sugar intake and remember that when you're wanting to loose body fat you will need to cut back on sugar. Try having some almonds, fresh veggies (with no dip) or some fresh fruit! Even a couple of slices of cheese or deli meat is better than processed crap! Step out of your "health" box and try some new things!

                                                                                                 - Erica

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