Saturday, October 19, 2013

Just Fab

Hi lovelies! I hope that you all are having a good October! It's one of my favorite months since it's usually the time of year that it goes from summer/fall to fall/winter. Well the beginning stages of winter at least. I left my house bundled up since it was in the upper 30's this morning when I left my house. The tree's should start changing colors and jackets should be coming out of the back of the closets pretty soon. Which really excited me! If you are a new reader you should know that I'm pretty obsessed with anything winter, snow, Christmas and mountains. It's the best time of year! Yes, it's cold but how can you not love the cold. I feel so alive when I walk outside and see my breath turning to a frosty smoke as it leaves my lips.
Since I last updated you all I have done a bunch of really fun things. First off I signed up to become a member of JUST FAB. I was looking for a new fall/winter bag and fell in love with one I found on their website. I always see their commercials so I though I would actually look to see what they had and I was genuinely surprised. I searched over the limited amount of items they have and really wanted to purchase the bag. Since I am a life long offender of purchasing then regretting I decided I would wait a couple days and see if I still really wanted it. So I of course returned to the site a few days later to purchase the bag. I didn't realize that you had to become a member of the site before you can purchase anything (which I didn't really like, especially since I HATE junk mail). I decided to join anyways and then I was given a notification that if I purchased something from the website in the next 24 hours it would be 50% off!!! I freaked out a little, yes I wanted the bag and now I want it even more since it will only be $20, however because of the 24 hour time frame it freaked me out a little and I ended up logging out and getting back to some work I had to do. I was really excited about the product until I felt like the clueless girl walking onto a car lot where everyone would stalk me and push me into buying something I didn't need. Throughout the rest of the day I thought of the purse and how cute it would look while on vacation for Christmas. The next day while running errands I realized that I only had about 10 minutes to buy the bag before it went back to full price. I decided that I really did want the bag and didn't want to miss out on getting it half off so right there in the middle of target on my phone I purchase the bag. The I called my grammy and told her about an adorable leather jacket I had found and wanted for Christmas. I mean, what are grandparents for?! When I got home today the purse had been delivered! It was just like Christmas morning. I tore the box open and pulled out my purse. It's gorgeous! I love it so much and was pleased with the material and quality of the bag. In the box was a complementary gift from MARY KAY, which I've never really been a fan of. When I pulled it out I realized that it was a matte plum shade that would be perfect for fall and with my new bag and jacket. So I put it on and was very surprised to find that it looked really good with my skin tone. So basically I'm very happy with my purchase.
One thing I wasn't expecting is to still keep my membership with Just Fab and be able to purchase things each month you have to agree to a $39 monthly fee. You can skip months as long as you notify them before the 5th of every month and there isn't a limit on how many months you can skip witch is nice. It's a good idea especially because when I get charged for a month I'm going to get my use out of it. Which means a lot of Christmas shopping... for myself.
                                                                                  xo, Erica

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