Thursday, October 3, 2013

I Shoulda Been A Cowgirl

Howdy Ya'll! The fair is in town bringing us all things fried. This year there is even fried crickets on pizza! Yes, I said crickets. We've had no shortage of crickets here so my guess is they just drove around town scoopin them up and dumping them into the hot oil. SICK. I won't even walk past it. I LOVE the fair! I grew up getting dropped of with friends for the day with my mega ride pass and $100. I usually ended up coming home with some ugly shirt that had my name airbrushed on it and a sugar high from all of the cotton candy/funnel cake I had consumed while slurping down a mountain dew or dr perpper. It was the good ol' days. Now I find myself wincing at the crazy ass rides that somehow all come apart and fold up into a square before they move on the next city. I still have that urge to have my name airbrushed on a shirt with some weird animal on it. Please just no unicorns. I will however be making an appearance this year to walk around all of the buildings looking at artwork, and vendors. You can find some really cool stuff at the fair and they will usually make you deal if you buy a couple things from the same booth. You can't forget about the petting zoo either. Give those cute baby animals some love then disinfect that hand before you make your way over to the Rodeo. That's right folks!! I'm going to the Rodeo, all I have to do is figure out what pair of boots I'm going to wear. Look out cowboys!
Speaking of cowboys I found myself browsing some amazing ranches this morning. After about an hour of searching through some of the ones in my home state of Colorado I found one that I absolutely fell in love with. It's located in Mosca, Colorado which is about 3 hours from Colorado Springs. It's breathtaking pictures won me over along with the bison, horses, rafting, fishing, hiking and front row seat to the famous sand dunes. Not to mention their chef who has previously worked with the Carnegie and Kennedy family's. Yes, those Carnegies and Kennedys. The ranch has some of the most amazing scenery that will make you think you are in the Canadian Rockies. I immediately started texting friends and family about booking a trip. The bunk houses can sleep quite a few and they are also available for corporate retreats. I'm looking to visit in May or June of 2014, so maybe it can be a birthday celebration!
I hope everyone is having a good week!
                                                                             xo, Erica

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