Sunday, December 8, 2013

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At this point of my life I'm still not quite sure what I want to be or what I want to do. I have fun ideas that I always go back to but I've never really set out with a plan of action. Mostly I think about small towns and fun things that I would like to create and pass down through the family. The main couple of things I think about are starting a Bed & Breakfast and starting a Bistro. I love the thought of cooking and welcoming them in to relax and have a fun evening or weekend. I've probably put way too much thought into it all but maybe that means I have the passion behind it to make it happen one day. I think it's important to have dreams like these, something that will always be in the back of your mind. Then when given the opportunity to make it happen you can leap forward into action. I will share the B&B for another post and stick with my cute little bistro for now.
Growing up I was always the one in the kitchen cooking the meals and feasts on Holidays. It always seemed like a pain but I enjoyed it. Now looking back, I'm so thankful that I stuck with it and have continued to nurture my love of cooking. At any given time you can catch me watching the Food Network and being so envious of Guy Fieri and his show "Diners, Drive-in's & Dives." I mean who doesn't want to drive around the country in a classic car eating the countries best dishes?! Since I've started my new healthy lifestyle, I've been cooking a lot more and it excites me. Most days as I'm leaving work thinking of all of the things I have at home to cook. I'm not really sure where I would want my little bistro to be but I know just about everything else.

The top two pictures to me represent a classic bistro. Open high ceilings with exposed wood and brick, very rustic with classic touches and finishing's. I love the modern chic but classic wrap around bench that would look amazing up against a wall that has exposed stone and brick with plaster. The last picture of the simple logo on the window is lovely. It catches your eye and invites you in to spend the day or evening sampling everything and catching up with friends and family. I am seriously falling in love with this all over again as I write this. The next most important thing is the food, get ready - this might be too much. 

During the week I would like to just serve dinner and on Saturday & Sunday serve brunch and dinner. As you can see everything would be pretty savory with my main focuses being soups, sandwiches, pastas and all kinds of baked goods. You really can't tell me that none of this looks good. Tell me, would you love a place like this? I really would like to open one in Oklahoma or Colorado then possibly an northeast coast and northwest coast location. This really is something that I will make happen - I wouldn't even mind starting it once I'm in my 50's. The thought of spending time here melts my heart. It will become real, I know it. (All pictures are from my Pinterest boards Le Menu & Le Bistro )
                                                           xo, Erica

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