Monday, December 23, 2013

Seattle Washington Vol.1 | Travel

Happy Monday everyone!! I'm only 4 days into my Christmas trip to Seattle and I'm loving every minute of it! Today we decided to keep it chill since it's right before Christmas. I'm writing this from a Tully's Coffee. Similar to Starbucks but a little more mom and pop, which I appreciate. I'm not really sure what the rest of the day has in store for us but I know it will be great - even the sun came out today! I've already had some delicious food, even salmon! If you know me, you are probably stunned. I hate any type of seafood, but it's everywhere here so I thought why not have some where it is fresh and great quality.
Each day has been jam packed with stuff. Trips to the piers, the market, friends houses and the evening is spent unwinding eating a good home cooked meal and watching some of the best movies of our time. Everyone in my family loves movies just as much as I do, so it makes it easy to convince everyone to watch one. So far we have watched You've Got Mail (I have such a huge man crush on Tom Hanks), Casablanca and Grease. I believe tonight we are watching The Godfather. I've never seen it, so I'm really excited! Before and after dinner and movies we play backgammon. Switching off by the next person playing winner. It's dreadfully obvious that I'm out of practice. Hopefully after my trip I will be back to my usual double rolling self. I can't believe that I didn't even mention that it snowed!! My uncle has lived here over 6 years and this is only the second or third time that he has seen snow. In Seattle it's rare but move east into the mountains and you will wonder into feet of the fresh powder. It was about an inch and lasted all of about 7 hours. Then the slush melted away as the evening rain came in. It was so beautiful and a wonderful treat as we woke on our first morning.
I'm already planning my next post - FOOD! I've been able to have try so many delicious things already and we haven't even gone to all of the best places yet. Saturday evening will be spent at The Space Needle for dinner before the symphony. I'm not quite sure what our Christmas plans are, my uncle likes to keep everything a surprise so who knows what this evening could hold. Maybe he doesn't know yet but that reminds me of a quote from Casablanca "Will I see you tonight?" to which Rick replied "I don't plan that far ahead."


 This is the famous gum wall. I couldn't blow a bubble...

                                                               xo, Erica

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