Tuesday, December 17, 2013

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Happy Tuesday everyone! I'm sorry that I've been MIA. It's been so crazy busy for me this last week and things aren't about to slow down. I've been completely booked with hair and nail appointments, Christmas gatherings for work, roommates and family. Then buying Christmas gifts and wrapping them. Even though I told myself I wouldn't buy any new clothes for my trip that's all I've been buying. I mean how can you say no to your size on SALE?! This last weekend I spent with my roommates & pulled off a surprise engagement!! I was so nervous for her and wanted to make sure everything was perfect. Let's just say then entire day was so fun and I was so happy to be included in the entire thing!

While on our way to The City (OKC not NYC) the question "What 3 things should you possess that make you feel like an adult?" I'm sure there are a thousand things that can be in the place of those three answers. I thought about it and after a while I had my answer: 1. A Savings Account - that actually stays positive and doesn't act like a secondary checking account. 2. A Nice Set of Luggage - for all of the trips we take to escape our responsibilities. 3. That Perfect Shade of Lipstick - No explanation needed. We all exchanged comments over each others choices and after 2 coffee spills decided a Tide To Go pen was also something that every woman should have. Since we didn't we chose to just head to the Gap outlet and buy a new shirt. Then proceeded to J.Crew to add some jewelry to the look.

I took this challenge literally so immediately started looking for some luggage. Lipstick makes me nervous so that will be a trip to MAC or Sephora with my girls to test some shades. Make sure to bring chap stick - your lips feel like sand paper after 2 colors! What are some of your favorite brands and colors for Winter and the upcoming Spring season?

                                                      xo, Erica

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