Wednesday, December 11, 2013

Work For It | Healthy & Fit

Happy Wednesday!! Like most of America, last night I was watching the Victoria's Secret Runway Show! I mean did you see those legs? Those abs? Those smiles :) I've really been pushing myself during my workouts and I can honestly say that I never regret it. I look for inspiration daily on instagram and pinterest before my workout to focus on why I'm getting healthy in the first place. If you are a regular to my blog you know I'm a huge TONE IT UP fan. I love getting their emails and I can't wait to watch their show on Bravo in January! I came across the email they posted yesterday and wanted to share it with all of you. I really could have used this last week but I'm glad I have this for future reference. When it's too cold to go outside and your bootcamp sessions are cancelled due to bad weather, lock up the dog and hit the gym. You get to be your personal trainer today. Below is the email Karena & Katrina sent out to help on days like this. Enjoy :)
We know it’s cold outside, so today, we’re bringing you a full body toning routine you can perform at the gym! A lot of you have been requesting this :) It’s your new Toned Up Interval Routine! We named it in honor of our NEW Bravo Show airing January 2nd! Plan your viewing party today and let us know where you’ll be…we’re going to be live tweeting, hosting commercial break workouts and surprising YOU! Learn more about it here! Now, it’s time to get TONED UP! The intervals below will keep your heart rate up for an effective fat burning workout that also defines and sculpts those sexy muscles! This set is one of our favorite routines to go through at the gym. Complete this entire set 1 time through…and get ready for an AMAZING workout!  After you complete this workout, Hashtag #TonedUp to show us and BravoTV your workout!!!

Download your PRINTABLE HERE! Just “Right Click” and select “SAVE AS LINK…”
                                                            xo, Erica

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