Sunday, October 5, 2014

Healthy Snacking | Re-Post

How is it Sunday night already? I think this last week only consisted of 2 days. Seriously though - this time of year fly's by so I try my best to take it all in as much as possible. Obviously my priority for today was football! Now it's time to catch up on some laundry, and going over my schedule for the next couple of days. I feel so great about where my life is right now and what the future holds. With that I will let you know that I have new yoga routine that will be starting in the morning. Yoga, I have missed you in my life! Since healthy lifestyle has been on my mind I figured I would share with you a post I read a couple days ago over at Katy Gracefully. She is a student on a budget so I love that she shared some easy, healthy snacks that are budget friendly. I will be sharing my new yoga routines soon! XO, Erica

Finding cheap food in college isn’t hard. You can subside solely off of Cup Noodle and 89 cent tacos at Taco Bell and ta-da, you’re pinching pennies. But you know what else is pinching? Your waist band as you struggle to avoid the Freshman 15 while eating 3x the sodium and fat that a normal human should.
The eternal struggle is finding food that is actually cheap enough to buy (sorry, Whole Foods) and isn’t coated in questionable chemicals and sugars. My Grocery List on a College Budget is a start to meals, but I have also compiled a list of snacks that don’t even cost you a dollar. Peace Taco Bell.
Note: Obviously, prices/availability will vary depending on where you are. A lot of things you could get cheaper depending on if you shop at farmer’s markets or if you have coupons, while some may be pricier in the area you are. 
  1. Edamame $0.50 for 1/2 cup serving
  2. Carrots w/ Hummus $0.90 1/2 cup serving carrots,1 of hummus
  3. Peanut Butter Oat Bites $0.20 per snack (recipe here)
  4. Frozen Grapes $0.75 per 1 cup serving  (my favorite!
  5. Boom Chicka Pop $0.83 per 3.5 cup serving
  6. Oranges $0.50 each
  7. Pears $0.85 each
  8. Watermelon $0.30 per 1 cup serving
  9. Bananas $0.20 per banana
  10. Apples $0.50 per apple
  11. Yogurt cup (greek or regular) $0.95 per cup
  12. Pumpkin seeds $0.50 per ounce serving
  13. Peanuts $0.50 per ounce serving
  14. Almonds $0.60 per ounce serving
  15. Sauteed broccoli $0.50 per 1/2 cup serving (w/ olive oil/spices)
  16. Cauliflower $0.50 per 1/2 cup serving (same as above)

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