Monday, August 12, 2013

Monday Rehab

Happy Monday everyone!! I hope everyone had a good weekend! Some of my family came into town for the weekend so we made a short road trip to Stillwater, Oklahoma where you can find Oklahoma State University. My whole family has attend so we went back to eat at Eskimo Joes, known as "Stillwater's jumpin' little Juke Joint". It's always a family tradition.

The rest of the weekend was filled with cheat meals, snacks and fun times with friends and family. Not trying to get down on myself I get right back at it today. Every meal and snack today was healthy and clean which helped give me much needed energy for the bootcamp session I did today. I also got to enjoy a little healthy treat after my workout. The pink Monster Rehab that is only 10 calories and it's made with mostly pink lemonade and tea, which could be called an Annette Palmer :) My main meal for lunch was a new vegan protein powder that I decided to try. It was simply mixed with 8oz-10oz of cold water. I thought it tasted really well and it filled me up until dinner. I am a big fan of the farmers market Sprouts and while I was there last week I discovered that they sell protein in sample packets. So I was able to buy about 5 different brands and flavors to try out before I make the plunge and buy the big tub. So I'm back on the healthy wagon, and looking forward to my yummy meals planned out for tomorrow!
                                                                                                              - Erica

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