Tuesday, August 6, 2013


Hi everyone! We are about to enter that lovely time of year that weather is unpredictable. The boutiques have filled their shelves with full on fall and it's still summer temps. We have all had the bad days where we don't have enough clothing or we have too much. You would think that by know we would know better but let's face it, we want to wear what we want to wear. Depending on your climate this probably changes a little bit for you but I guarantee you have experienced this issue. I decided to show you some of my favs that you can do when we have this problem.


The key is LAYERS, LAYERS, LAYERS! If you couldn't tell I love the jean short with a simple sweater or a simple tee and button up. Then adding a cute scarf, necklace or headband will add a little something extra. Another staple in my closet is a legging, spandex or leather you may choose but make sure you have a pair. You can literally wear them with anything and they look great when worn correctly. What are you favorite in between seasons? Let us know!!
                                                                                                - Erica

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