Wednesday, June 11, 2014

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I've got moving on my mind so when I was browsing SIMPLY TARALYNN and I saw her recent post about stoking up an empty fridge. It totes got my attention so I had to see what

I keep getting this question, “what should I put in my fridge when trying to be heathy?” So I’ve decided to write up a small post to help you out!
Everyone eats healthy differently. Some people eat healthy all day and everyday, some people eat healthy half a day, or if you’re like me you do the 80/20. I eat 80% healthy everyday and 20% unhealthy everyday. That’s what keeps me on track. I can’t really tell you what to put into your fridge, but I can tell you what I like to keep in mine!
I hate when food goes bad, so I make sure to be smart when it comes to the produce section. I only buy what I know I am going to eat.
*3 fruits (watermelon, apples, pineapple…)
*4-5 vegetables (bags of salad, zucchini, carrots…)
*produce section dips like hummus, salsa, and guac. 
-Unless you have your recipes planned out for the week, stick to a smaller amount. You can always make a trip to the store.
What do you eat most of? For me, it’s chicken and shrimp. I always get what is on sale and freeze what I’m not using.
*chicken breast on sale
*shrimp or salmon…
Dairy & Non Dairy Products:
Remember that dairy goes bad pretty fast, so only buy what you can eat.
*Greek yogurt
*cottage cheese
*unsweetened almond milk
*salad dressings
*coconut milk/low sugar ice cream
And those are my basics! I’ll write up a post later today or tomorrow with the foods I keep in my pantry for a healthy lifestyle!

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