Sunday, June 8, 2014


So nowadays I'm basically over FB but I don't think I will ever give up my beloved twitter and instagrams. They will forever be in my heart. I've been a little MIA lately since I've had so much going on and I've been so busy. All of that should be changing soon - well maybe not changing but I will have a ton of stuff to be posting about so I will try my darnedest to get at least 3-5 posts up per week. PINKIE PROMISE! To keep this social media love going I figured I would do a post about my favorite INSTA's!! I narrowed it to 10 and included why I love following them. Some are friends, some are other bloggers and some are celebs, share some love and follow them & don't forget to follow the P+P on insta >> @peachesandplanks && my personal account @ericatreat


These fit & fab ladies are the amaze trainers from Tone It Up. This is their personal account where they share behind the scenes pics at the office or on vacation. They are so fun and always keep everything fresh and inspiring.

The chic fashion editor behind The Native Fox is one of my top fashion insta's!! She is always posting DROP DEAD GORGEOUS looks that I'm seriously obsessed with. I mean even her super casual and beach looks are so chic and classy.

Annie Lawless is the babe behind SUJA and BLAWNDE (one of my fav blogs). She is always posting about new things coming for Suja, friends, fashion and my fav >> yummy food! Look for delicious, pure food pics and links to the recipes on her blog!

Allie is a friend of mine from Colorado who brings adventure and life to my insta feed! She is one of the most challenging people I know and I mean that in the best way possible. Each day has a epic moment. She can be skiing, traveling or working but it's always 100% with her. Truly someone that makes me want to be better at everything I do.

The Londoner is one of my all-time fav blogs! The gorgeous brunette behind it is the lovely Rosie & her insta account gives you a fun look of behind the scenes and just a hint of upcoming posts. This pretty lady is a world traveler, photographer and FOODIE!! Every time I see her name pop up on my feed I get so excited to see what she's up to.

Lauren is a friend of mine from Oklahoma. She is by far one of the most creative when it comes to the use of her gopro. With summers spent driving across the country and vacations spent in some of the coolest places in the world, Lauren never disappoints when it comes to showing you what she's been up to. She lives and breaths adventure and lives life to the fullest. 

I don't really know how I came across Becca's Insta account. However, she brings it when it comes to fun times and eye catching pics. The bright summertime activities that surrounds her life is always a fresh look to my feed & I'm so grateful for it! *Check out her blog >> HERE

This crazy girls is known as a pretty little liar on ABC Family. I'm always looking at Ashley's insta looking for behind the scene pics, upcoming editorials and her everyday pics. She has such a fun sense of humor and I love her style as Hannah and as Ashley. I think it's time for another Benzo Takeover.

What does Sage not do? Nothing. This gorgeous blond literally does it all and you can catch a glimpse of it all on her blog or her insta where she updates us on upcoming posts, life and her fav things. I love the glamorous, girly view from her insta that brings some light, airiness to  my feed.

Lauryn is the true SOCAL blogger from The Skinny Confidential. I'm pretty much obsessed with this girls blog and insta account. With a mix of romance, leather and fitness anyone can find something for them on her blog. It's her personal account so it's a look into her fab life as a new fiance, blogger, artist and woman.

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