Sunday, June 29, 2014

Life Lists | Re-Post

Just sharing some love this Sunday. I know that I'm getting to the age of being budget friendly now that I have real bills and responsibilities. So when I saw Taralynn posted this last week I knew I wanted to do a re-post with it. I know it may seem boring and lame but you will be thanking me when you no longer have to dig through your old purses for gas money a few days before you get paid. Yes, I've been there before and I can tell you that it feels good to never have to worry about it anymore. Budgeting is your friend and it's here to stay so you might as well embrace it. You can see the entire post HERE! XO

The Two Necessary Life Lists: Making Decisions & Saving Money

Have you ever been nervous about making a decision? How do we know if it’s the right one or a big mistake? I know it’s all about instinct, but what if our instincts are wrong? I’m one of those people that likes rash decisions. I make them quick and sometimes too quick. If I have too much time to think about it, I become wish-washy and go back and fourth with my decision. It’s one of the most stressful things I do to myself. My dad always says “if it doesn’t feel right, don’t do it”, but sometimes that doesn’t apply. I get high levels of anxiety about making decisions and that’s why I used to let people make them for me.
I have been getting a lot of questions about how I went about making the decision to live on my own in North Carolina, deciding if someone isn’t the right one, and other life decisions.
Lately, I’ve been all about the pros and cons list. That’s what helps me weigh out the bad decisions.

Another questions I get a lot is how I manage my money and how do I let myself spend. Again, I’m all about the list.

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