Tuesday, June 17, 2014

What's in their bag?! | Tone It Up

I don't have much time today (it's my GRANDPA'S bday!!) so I'm sharing a resent post from the babes at TONE IT UP!! They share their top 3 gym tips and what's in their bag when it's time to get it going. I hope you love it as much as I did. I've been saving this post for a rainy or super busy day so forgive me! I will make it up to you - I promise!! P.S. I've had my eye on that blue bag for a while now... maybe I should add it to my wishlist (hint hint). Have a great night!! XO

Top 3 Gym Tips

1. Prep your bag ahead of time. Keep your gym back stocked and ready to go at all times. If you need to buy two of your top necessities, like deodorant, foundation or face wash, go for it! It will save time and make it that much easier to get to the gym.  See some of our favorite beauty products here!
2. Set your intentions at night!  Some sleep in their workout clothes ;) You can also set aside your clothing and shoes next to the bed. You’ll wake up motivated and ready to head out the door for that Booty Call. 
3. Motivating Music! Fresh jams are a must to keep you motivated and energized! Need suggestions? Listen to your BIKINI SERIES Motivation Music Mix ~ Kat updated it last night with new songs to keep you going strong all throughout the series! Make sure you always keep a pair of headphones in your gym bag too. We love the LG Wireless ones.

tone-it-up-gym-bag-2 (1)

  • We’re so excited to share with you the Tone It Up Custom Gym Bag! 
  • Your NEW Tone It Up Gym Bag! The Flamingo & The Kauai Duffle. These are exclusively designed by us and Maaji just for you. They’re beautiful, easy to carry and they match your exclusive bikinis :) 
  • Fitbit: We’re so grateful that Fitbit has gifted you for the BIKINI SERIES prizes!!  We LOVE this slim, stylish device to track your activity levels and calories burned. It’s brilliant!! Since it syncs wirelessly to your computer or smartphone, it’s also a fun way to challenge your friends to stay active and keep each other accountable!
  • Hint Water: We’re always looking for a little flavor in our water!  The Watermelon & Blood Orange flavor is amazing. 
  • ASICS Running Shoes: We’ve been wearing ASICS for years, and we love how they fit! Katrina & I both wear the Gel-Kayano
  • Always pack a hat or visor for outdoor workouts :)
  • Perfect Fit Protein ~ Remember, the best time to replenish your body is immediately after your workout :)
  • Perfect Fit Coconut Water~ Providing electrolytes during your workout!!  You’re going to love it! We created it for the busy, on-the-go girl!

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