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All about the blowout | Beauty

I've been trying to give myself a blowout for weeks now and it's just not happening. I get the brush tangled and I burn my scalp with my hair dryer.. It's all just a big mess. I cut about 6 inches of hair a couple days ago and since then I can't wait to try the blowout again. Especially since I found this post from Rosie over at THE LONDONER and I knew I just couldn't keep it to myself. Hope you're having a great weekend!! XO, Erica

Blow Out Tutorial

This is by far my most requested post, ever!
I really admire girls who can make beauty tutorials, but I'm just not one of them.
Getting ready is my time to think, I put on great music as loud as I can get away with, fling the windows open and get down to business. It's certainly never occurred to me to take pictures of the process and explain how I do it!
But this is it, I'm finally giving in and showing you how I get my hair to do it's wavy, bouncy little thing.
Fair warning... I'm likely to make a lot of faces like this:
The foundation of a great blow dry is how it's washed.
If you're using rubbish shampoo & conditioner then it's just never going to last and you're going to end up doing it all again the next day.
I am completely addicted to KMS California products. They quite literally cut my blow-dry time in half. The 'Taming Creme' is a non-negotiable element. It'll protect your hair from all that heat and brushing, smooth out any unruly curls or frizz, cut your timing down from about an hour to a swift 30mins and stop it all poofing up again at the first sign on rain (pretty key in London!).
Other than that, you'll want a hairdryer with a flat nozzle attached, a normal hairbrush, a roll brush (the bigger the brush the faster you can blow, but you'll get bigger, looser curls) and large crocodile clips.
After you've washed and conditioned your hair, brush it through to get rid of any tangles.
Add a splodge of taming creme and quickly brush it again.
Clip most of your hair out of the way and leave yourself a nice little section to work with.
Position your brush under the section and your dryer over the top, about an inch away.
Brush through the length of the section and twist the hair under at the end, to create a bit of a curl.
Do the same to the other side, still just working on the bottom layer.
Once you're satisfied, move up a layer.
Obliterate any frizzy bits on this layer.
Then curl up your hair and clip it into place.
This way the hair will cool into a curl and it'll stay bouncy for longer.
I find the top of my hair a bit trickier because I blow it up and backwards... which is a bit like rubbing your tummy and patting your head at the same time
Blow the front forwards, so that when you flick it back later it'll be all swoopy (technical term) and voluminous.
Finally, remove all of the crocodiles.
Shake out your hair.
Squidge a pea sized amount of serum into your hands and rub them so it's evenly distributed all over your palms.
Turn your head upside down and ruffle your hands through your curls, coating the curls in serum without making it greasy.
Flip up and smooth a few layers through your fingers to define the curls and add shine.
And you're done!
Ready to roll...
Here are the products I used:
I only blow it out once or twice a week, so I don't damage it and end up with straw (like I did at university when I first discovered hair straighteners! Woops).
But you know the real secret to a great blow dry?
The cut.
You need layers cut in and a hairdresser who understands what'll suit you. I was introduced to Mihaela recently and I couldn't live without her. A cut is only around £60 and she'll come to your house to do it, which is just ideal if you want to crack on with emails or work while she does it. I almost don't want to give you her details because she'll get booked up... but honestly she deserves it, so here you go
Oh, one last thing!
When you go to bed, twirl your hair up into a pineapple & tie it up with a snag-free hairband.
That way it'll keep its curl and stay bouncy all week long.

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