Monday, August 4, 2014

I Need Some Turkey in my Life | Re-Post

So for some reason I got on a big adventure kick today and discovered all kinds of travel blogs. Just imagine Heaven opening and Angels singing - because that is truly how I'm feeling right now. I haven't really been on a vacation in what seems like forever so all of the most amazing places are running through my mind and I must tell you that I want to pack up right now and leave. It kind of blows my mind right now that I actually could do just that. I would take my towel off my head, brush out my hair, slap some lotion and minimal makeup on, pack a bag and buy a one way ticket. I could be on a plane in a little less than 2 hours headed to Turkey, all alone and I would probably be found halfway over the Atlantic in the lavatory with a brown paper bag. That is where I'm truly convinced that I'm a Gemini. Half of me loves that idea and is wondering why I'm not already packing and the other half is telling myself to be realistic. I bet that my friends could see both sides and some could see me going and the other half would have to call my family and explain why I'm receiving medical attention for freaking out on a plane. I honestly love the thought of both sides and I would love to just pack up and leave however there is still half of me that would never be on board. I think one day it will happen and I know that It should be sooner rather than later, since I'm only getting younger right?! I want it to happen. I would love just spending 6-8 months traveling and seeing the places that fill my dreams. I would have to be all in and that scares me. I would be afraid to leave my family and I would be afraid that I would fall in love with the world and never want to come back home. That makes sense right? We shall see, I would have to plan it obviously - I mean the one good thing about that other half is that she is always trying to plan ahead. Until then my darlings I want to share this post I discovered today from a new blog that I just added to the link'd page. I hope you enjoy it as much as I did! XO, Erica


Monday, July 28

Welcome to one of the most unreal places in the world…Cappadocia. When we first started to research Turkey, every itinerary told us to go to the region of Cappadocia. And we are so glad we did. 

Cappadocia literally looks other-worldy. It's what I imagine the terrain of another planet might resemble. It is home to the most incredible rock formations in the world, boasting valleys filled with "fairy-chimneys" and towns filled with "cave hotels" {which we stayed in! that, however, is for another post!}. 

It is the top place in the world to take a hot air balloon ride because the scenes below are incredibly breathtaking and so unique. Our first morning in Cappadocia, we woke up at 5am to take a sunrise balloon ride. Having never done this, I was a little nervous. I'm not scared of heights, but I AM HUMAN, so of course lifting hundreds of feet off the ground with a basket at my feet and a balloon at my head, was a little daunting. However, I found it one of the most serene and peaceful experiences of my life. We literally floated around through the valleys, and I couldn't have been more relaxed. 

Watching the crew blow up the balloon with fire was so intense. We lifted off right as the sun was coming up. I cannot even describe the tranquility that took place when the sun started to burst forth into flame, and I felt as though we were riding the break of morning. We rose higher and higher, and I smiled wider and wider, and just soaked in the stillness and holiness of the moments surrounding me. 

Down below us the scenery painted a picture of the most bizarre valleys I had ever seen, I sat transfixed in how creative our God really is! Surrounding us were hundreds of other balloons taking flight. It really was a sight to see, I and just drank in all beauty and majesty around me. 

I know photos rarely do justice, but I hope this paints a picture for what a marvelous landscape this really is! 

In case you are planning on going to Cappadocia, I would wholeheartedly recommend taking a hot air balloon ride. It was one of our most treasured memories from our trip. 

We went with Turkiye Balloons and had a GREAT experience with them. Besides giving us a fantastic rate of 150 Euros a person, they were so professional and amazing flyers! A yummy breakfast and champagne snack is also included in this price as well:)

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