Monday, August 18, 2014

Trendy | Lifestyle

Happy Monday everyone!! For most of my life I have always considered myself ahead of the trend train. Anything that is related to beauty, fashion and design I just have that feeling and I buy it and try it before it becomes five times more expensive. I've gotten a laugh or twenty before when I've been explaining "why I'm doing or wearing this" but when it's ahead of the boom people don't take me seriously. For example I was all about ombre nails and hair, pineapple prints, brond hair color, Birkenstock's and fishtails way before it was covering your Pinterest pages. Just a few weeks ago I had another moment where I had a feeling about what's going to be hot next and I figured I would create a post all about it to document my genius mind. I'm not claiming a certain day this will happen but I'm going to say these will be big in the next year. XO, Erica

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