Wednesday, November 20, 2013

BUMP DAY | Celebrate this week Kelly Clarkson announced that she was expecting her first child. Even though I don't personally know Kelly, I couldn't help but be happy for her. Since her days on American Idol she has come a long way. This fall she got married - DID YOU SEE HER WEDDING PICTURES?! She was gorgeous!!! I had heard somewhere that they were wanting to get pregnant by Christmas, so cheers to her and her new hubby. I can't think of a better announcement around the holidays.

I've come to the decision that the marriage and baby bug is in the air. Since June 3 people that I know have gotten married and are expecting - all with honeymoon babies! Crazy right?! I'm so extremely happy for all of them, they are all great friends and I can't wait to meet the beautiful little angels come spring/summer for their arrival. I have been emailing back and forth with a few of them discussing nursery ideas, names and fun festivities so I have all things baby on my brain. I have loved discovering all of the new things that are in the world today for babies and new moms. It's a completely different world compared to my diaper days. Here are some really cute ideas I've found for the baby shower.

Both are from my pinterest board DUKES & DOLLS.
Here is a picture that I took of my lovely friend and P+P contributor Rachel. I had a few ideas and we didn't have very much time so she remained in the same outfit as we changed locations. The first location was a stable just down the street from her house that is framed by a darling white fence. I was hoping to have some horses grazing in the back but they were all in a different area. The second location was their backyard underneath the pergola that her and her husband were married under.
I hope you all are having a great week!! Happy BUMP day :)
                                                                       xo, Erica

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