Saturday, November 9, 2013

Veterans Day

I've been drifting from Facebook lately since most of my friends are using Instagram & Twitter but every now and then I will browse around. As I'm getting older I've noticed my friends are starting to post things that are inspiring and some are even life changing. Today I scrolled over a post that had a video attached. As my eyes quickly scanned over some of the words I read "Homeless Veteran Transformation". Since I had just added things to my to do list and calendar on Monday I saw that it was Veterans Day. I have family that have and are currently a part of the military so I made a mental note to send them a little love and appreciation on Monday. I scrolled farther down and something in me was intrigued and wanted to scroll up and click the link to read the article and watch the video. My first thought was that It would be a man that had taken pictures over time to show his appearance change as he had struggled over the years with alcoholism and being homeless. As the video started I became aware that the time lapse video wasn't from the past, it was going into the future. A woman appeared and started cutting his hear and trimmed his beard. He then changed into a crisp white button up and suit. Towards the end the pictures turned to become a video of the man seeing himself after the transformation. His reaction is so pure and honest. He gets up and moves forward to hug a man behind the camera. I'm guessing it's the same person that reached out to him to see if he would volunteer for the transformation.

Seeing videos like this made me realize that there is still good and honest people in the world. There is so much hate and judgment today, in the papers and on television. Sometimes I think I'm a little sheltered from what the world really is today. Living in Tulsa is completely different than living in other places of the world. It's known as the belt buckle of the bible belt, so everyone and everything is extremely conservative. There is a huge sense of community and anyone can feel at home here. I think we should all make a conscious effort to reach out to those that can't help themselves. You never know, it might just take a cup of coffee and some time spent catching up. Happy thoughts!

                                                          xo, Erica

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