Friday, November 29, 2013

Rev It Up | Healthy & Fit

Happy Black Friday!! I just returned home from a two hour shopping trip. I set out to buy some cute black boots and Christmas gifts and ended up just buying a new pair of tennis shoes for myself. Here they are!!! Mine are turquoise (DUH) and pink! It was something I needed but It was not what I left my cozy, warm house for. When I got back, I realized that I still hadn't made my trip to the store to get groceries so I decided on a slice of homemade coconut cream pie and an extra tall glass of water. I mean, It's the day after Thanksgiving - left overs are expected. Right after I ate the pie I realized that I really should do something active today, so I will be dragging a roommate around the neighborhood later for a walk. I've been taking mental notes for the last couple of weeks about my next healthy & fit post. I have a lot to tell you, so get comfy!

First off, you can't get discouraged from the holidays. If anything now is the time to push yourself even harder. I was reading in Fitness Magazine last week and came across an article that I connected with. The article was about getting back into the swing of things and climbing out of your rut. So many times I've given in on eating healthy and working out because I wasn't seeing immediate results and I was sulking in a rut. Everyone I'm sure has been there before. As I read through the rest of the article I realized that I really did know people that were also having similar problems. So here are some of the ones that really stuck out.

You feel stuck. Your to do lists of laundry, chores and obligations are taking over and you have to force yourself to do your workout. RECHARGE!!

You've hit a weight-loss plateau --> Once you drop pounds, your body becomes more efficient at burning calories, which can make losing weight more difficult. #TurnUpTheBurn go faster, not longer! A high-intensity session zaps more calories after you stop working out. Adding strength or weight training can also help with weight loss.

Your social life has stalled --> Nurture your relationships. Life is always changing: people find new jobs, get married, have kids and move. To forge better connections, try other ways of spending time together. Invite friends to join you in a new workout class or try cooking classes, brunch or a movie night. You can even volunteer somewhere or join a book club you like and be more apt to find people that you click with.

You used to look forward to your workout, but now you can barely drag yourself to the gym --> If you've been doing the same exercise routine for a while, you've probably hit the wall. Your brain is simply crying out to be challenged. Take a class or try an activity you've never done before. When you're learning a new skill, your muscles - including your mental ones - will get a better workout that they did from your old sweat session because they haven't yet adapted. Feeling the exercise working will invigorate you.
Now find some motivation, some healthy recipes and quick at home workouts that you can throw into the mix. One of my favorite websites is TONE IT UP! There site is full of everything you need and come January you can watch them on BRAVO. I'm going to have to clean out my tevo list to make room! You can also follow them on twitter @toneitup & on instagram @karenakatrina to stay up to date on everything. I really recommend signing up for their email newsletter too! You always get yummy recipes, new workouts and get updates before its on the website.

 Have a great weekend! See you in December :)
                                              xo, Erica

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