Friday, November 22, 2013

Winter Threads | Fashion

As my Christmas trip gets closer and closer I find it harder and harder to not give into all of the INSANE online deals. Since I'm on my 6 Week Challenge & still losing weight I don't want to buy a lot of new clothes for my Christmas trip because I plan on continuing with my weight loss after the holidays. So why would I buy a ton of new clothes that won't fit in a couple more months anyways. I have already bought a few main staples and elastic waistbands are my go to! I know that Pinterest is overloaded with winter clothes right now so I wanted to clear everything out of the way and show you my must haves. All of these items are off of my THREADS board on pinterest. Check it out - follow me and shop away my little elves! (You can click the item and follow the link to purchase!),default,pd.html?dwvar_2K0266_color=39&start=7&cgid=Womens-Fleece-Outerwear
Do you think there is anything that I've missed?! I know I left out the jewels but I will go over that soon enough. Probably next week once things slow down for me. Until then I leave you with love!
                                                                xo, Erica

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