Monday, April 14, 2014

Bed Head | Beauty

Hey girly cats!! I hope you're all having a great weekend!! I've been able to have a RELAXING weekend and I needed it. I'm on a beauty with getting more info about the best ways to take care of your skin and what are the best products that all the PROS use. So yesterday I decided to get my brows cleaned up so that I can better maintain them. I'm really loving the big bold brow right now since mine are naturally big. I made an appointment at ULTA'S BROW BAR. It's amaze!! You need to call and make an appointment ASAP. First off they do measurements with your face to find what shape fits best with your face and follow the natural line of your brow. The just remove some of the guys that aren't supposed to be there and fill them in for you. I LOVED it so much that I decided to buy the product she used on me. It's called Brow Zings by Benefit Cosmetics in medium - It was $30 but she told be she has been using hers for 6 months and still has another couple of months to go before she needs to by more. So once I got home I figured I would start looking up some new stuff to do with my hair since I'm a repeat offender of the bun. I found this great tutorial from MASKCARA and thought I would share it with you!! It's just the look I love and it's simple to do once you get it down. I'm sure it will turn out a little different with my long hair so I will test it and let you know :)

                                                xo, Erica

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