Wednesday, April 2, 2014

THE BB | Book Club

Hi loves! Hopefully your weekend wrapped up and you get to have a little fun!!! I spent the weekend in TEXAS. A good friend of mine recently moved there and it was her birthday so we decided to drive down and have a fun weekend celebrating her. We spent the entire first half of Saturday on the SUNNY BEACHES of Galveston! Walking the beach barefoot, FLIP FLOPS in hand. It was just the thing my soul needed. We then decided to spend the entire day on the pier that was covered in games, rides and carnival food. We skipped the food but made a go at every single ride on the pier. It was so gorgeous and every time we were on a ride that gave us a chance to look at the view we pulled our phones out and took a shot. I mean HELLO surfers! The waves weren't that great but definitely something I could have handled. Maybe next time. Friday night was spent DANCING! I mean, what else are you supposed to do when you go to TEXAS?! Line dancing, two stepping couldn't have capped off a better weekend.

Now that I'm back the month of APRIL has arrived. Which means that there are wedding bells soon approaching. No, I'm not the bride to be but my roommate is!! So I need to be kicking something into gear to make sure my fitness goals are still on track. I've been maybe a little lax the last couple of weeks but that all majorly took a swing back into the right direction last night. If you didn't know, about this time last month I ordered THE SKINNY CONFIDENTIAL's new amaze book & THE BODY BOOK by the fab Cameron Diaz. I'm slowly working through both books and can't wait to share more about both of them. As I was reading The BB I had a MAJOR FOOD REVELATION... When our bodies are hungry, that means our body needs fuel. Fuel is food. DUH. Wait for it... I couldn't believe how many times I reach for "food" when I hungry. I've been grabbing things that are chemicals and crap that I think will fill me up but they don't because that isn't what my body needed. It needed protein and yummy veggies and fruit. Instead I gave it some crap that has been labeled as food and my body still broke it down and pulled stuff out of it. FATTY GROSS stuff that did absolutely nothing for me. Now I'm reaching for things that I know my body is wanting. I think about it before I eat it and It's completely changed not only how I eat but how I shop for groceries and what I choose when I go out to eat. I know that may sound silly but it's true - I never realized any of that until now. Now things I didn't like I'm giving a chance and I'm coming up with different ways to cook it so that I like it because I know it's something that is really great for my body. I'm beyond excited for the next couple of month and I can't wait to share my progress, ups and downs, recipes and everything else along the way.


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