Friday, April 25, 2014

Mile High Club | Lifestyle

Get your DIRTY.LITTLE minds out of the gutter. I'm not talking about THAT mile high club. I'm talking about those that grew up on airplanes traveling across the country our whole life and still to this day become amazed when I meet someone that has never flown. I can only relate it to finding some type of alien living on Earth. You want to poke it and know where it's from and if there are others like it... Seriously though. I can remember flying somewhere, all alone when I was 5-6. It wasn't strange to me at all, I looked at it like an adventure. I would always change my name and tell the people sitting around me that my name was Emma (I loved the SPICE GIRLS) and I would fake sleep while we landed so I wouldn't have to set my seat forward. WOAH - do I sound like a little brat or what?! I swear I wasn't - I would save my headphones that they used to hand out and I had about 100 pair at one point before my grandma started selling them in garage sales for like $1. They were the best part of flying, getting to listen to the pilot over the radio or finding some random station that played the current hits. It was full of static but amaze because I was 30,000 feet in the air. So it got me thinking as I start to plan my summer trips and adventures that I really love and miss flying. As a kid you could give me a pack of peanuts and I was good to go. Now that's a different story. Now I want my neck pillow, the new COSMO and SELF magazine, something to drink, some type of music and the list goes on and on. These days the voyage across 2 seats and down the isle to the TINY restroom makes me want to pull my hair out so I decided to put together my necessities for flying. It will absolutely include my FAVS for even the worst layovers.

Normally I just include the links at the bottom but this time I wanted to tell you why they are my FAVS and why you should include some of this on your next trip. Trust me >> I speak from experience! First and foremost what you wear and make or brake your entire experience on the plane. I'm all about LAYERS, LAYERS & MORE LAYERS!!! This entire look I found from Hush UK - which I am pretty obsessed with. Everything is so comfy and casual but still put together. Now you might want to rethink the shorts >> I would much rather be cold than hot any day so I like to go with shorts and If I get really cold I can just fold my legs up into the seat underneath me. For the wipes really any kind will do - even baby wipes if you're on a budget. I like these to wipe my hands, maybe my face if I have a cancelled flight and need to take my makeup off. One of the best things I always have with me is my Cetaphil lotion. I have naturally dry skin so when I fly I get even more dry. Especially my hands when I wash them a lot.

Next would be the trust iPad. Normally I would tell you to ditch the electronics and bring a book - witch I always end up liking more than the iPad but in this case go ahead and bring it with you. You might finish your book or end up having to do some business while you away. Just don't use it for online shopping... for the 3rd time this week. OOPS!! Oh how I love you neck pillow. I know they look weird and even weirder when you see someone with one but let me tell you how incredible this little guy is. First it's memory foam, do I need to even continue!? It's the perfect size to just rest on your shoulders and give your neck and head the perfect support to make nap time the best sleep you've ever had. So next would be magazines. I know you have a MILLION shoved in your closet from 5 years ago when you bought the subscriptions for like $5. It's time you threw them out and picked up something a little more current and become OBSESSED with the new tips and tricks of the trade. Now days these 2 favs of mine >> COSMO & SELF cover every topic you could ever think of. Just trust me on this one.

Now it's time to get real. Number seven is a notebook. YES, they are still around. I love carrying mine to scribble down last minute flight changes and spur of the moment creative ideas. Then again I should be using it to give the HOTTIE a couple rows back my number. Eight is a magical number right?! Well it is here. This GORGEOUS weekend traveler is to die for!!! I'm all about bringing a weekend bag as my carry on. Not only can it serve as a large catch all purse/bag but it can also have other necessities in case you end up at your destination and your bags don't. I always carry an extra outfit, toiletries, chargers and other super important stuff in here. PS>> YOU CAN EVEN GET THIS BAG MONOGRAMMED!!! You know why the SUNNIES are on here. Hide those lingering dark puffy under eyes or just shield you from the strange guy who wont leave you along. HELP! Last but not least you need some headphones. GOOD ONES! Plug them in and listen to your fav playlist or just stick them on and enjoy the silence for a little while.

See. That's why I needed to explain everything. Think I missed something?! Tell me, tell me, tell me!!

4. iPad Mini @ your local Apple Store
6. Cosmopolitan &Self Magazine @ your local newsstand

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